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Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers USA

The summer and autumn growth season is 1 to 3 days, 1 times per day, and 1 to 2 times per day(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Generally, the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is 20:10:20 without boron fertilizer, otherwise it will affect the growth of pineapple(4 inch succulent pots). During the seedling period, when the plant grows new roots, it should use the compound fertilizer diluted 2000 times to fertilize the leaf once.

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Because the root system of ornamental pineapple is weak, it is mainly used to fix the plant, and the absorption function is not necessary(bulk 4 gallon pots). At the same time, the water and nutrition needed for its growth and development are mainly stored in the grooves formed by the leaf base cohesion, and absorbed by the absorption scales at the leaf base(succulent pots online). With a certain amount of water and nutrition in the groove, the plant can grow normally.

(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers usa)Appreciation of pineapple is more sensitive to phosphate fertilizer(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). When the concentration is 0.1-0.2%, chemical complete fertilizer such as 0.2% urea or potassium nitrate can be used. In production, thin alum fertilizer water can also be used (before leaving the nursery, water is required to wash the middle of the leaves), spray on the leaves or into the grooves(cell flats), spray once in 1-2 weeks in growing season and once in 3-4 weeks in winter.

Therefore, we should always keep the middle part and the leaves moist when we deal with the cultivation(1 gallon plant pots distributor). Every 1-2 weeks, a small amount of foliar fertilizer should be applied to the leaf barrel, such as spraying treasure. In addition, it should be noted that pineapple is not a kind of fertilizer loving plant(large black plastic planters), improve the light seeing rate of leaves and flower buds, so it is not necessary to apply base fertilizer when potting.

The leaves at the base of pineapple are tightly arranged in Lotus shaped leaf tube, and the middle part is cup-shaped, which can store water without leakage(2 gallon plant pots distributor). Entering the rosette stage, the outer cover is made of polyethylene film. Boron deficiency often leads to poor flower bud development(plant growing containers). Therefore, spraying liquid fertilizer containing boron before flowering can supplement nutrition for plants and reduce flower and fruit falling.(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers usa)

During the period of big seedling, the compound fertilizer diluted 1000 times is applied every two weeks(bulk 2 gallon containers). Keep the water in the groove, the leaf surface is wet and the soil is slightly dry. In winter, spray less water, keep the basin moist and the leaves dry. In case of overcast(2.5 inch plant pots), snowy and low temperature weather, additional fill light can be added in the shed, and reflective curtain can be hung on the back wall to increase the light in the shed.

(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers usa)It is understood that the most needed nitrogen and phosphorus is in the whole growth period(6 cell trays bulk), especially in the period of flower ball expansion, and potassium fertilizer is needed after flower bud differentiation, so it can not complete pollination normally. In the planting process of sweet pepper(cheap garden plant pots), the fruit setting rate is the concern of all vegetable farmers, so what practical methods can improve the fruit setting rate of pepper now?

The methods are as follows: clean the shed film and improve the light transmittance of the shed film(4 cell trays bulk). Strengthen the management of pruning and branching, remove the excessive branches and leaves, especially the inner branches and leaves, reduce the nutrient consumption, and thus improve the fruit setting rate(big garden plant pots). The detailed amount depends on the application instructions of foliar fertilizer and the growth of flowers.

Among the trace elements, boron and molybdenum are most needed(24 cell trays bulk). Spraying 30-40 mg / kg NAA solution can also play a good role in flower and fruit conservation. In the case of low temperature and cloudy days, the humidity in the greenhouse is too high, which is easy to lead to poor pollen development and low activity of sweet pepper(potting pots wholesale). Boron is one of the essential elements in the flower bud differentiation of sweet pepper.

Around noon, according to the weather conditions, the air can be released to cool down and drain the humidity, so as to reduce the humidity in the shed as much as possible(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). In addition, the release of bumblebee in greenhouse can significantly improve the fruit setting rate of sweet pepper(plastic plant trays wholesale). The spraying should be even, but as long as it is applied reasonably, the mulberry leaves will be damaged.(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers usa)

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