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Plastic Small Square Succulent Pots In Bulk

The watering management of potted bougainvillea during flowering is very important, especially the need to strictly control water(7 gallon pots distributor). If the water is not properly watered at this time, it may cause various growth phenomena such as falling flowers, early withering, and falling leaves, which greatly reduces the ornamental value. Then, how to water the potted bougainvillea flowering period? Usually, when the bougainvillea blooms for 4-5 weeks(wholesale nursery pots), about in mid-August, we need to deduct water in time.(plastic small square succulent pots in bulk)

Watering should be considered according to the dry and wet state of the potting soil and the growth of the plant(14 gallon pots distributor). After the first water is poured in the flowering period, it is necessary to wait until the tender buds and leaves appear drooping. In the flowering period, the principle of dewatering is usually that the bougainvillea will not die. The dehydration of bougainvillea at the flowering stage needs to continue until the leaf stalks of the branches grow and form a flowering embryo(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and then the normal water supply and hydration stages can be restored.

The dehydration of the plum plum blossom period will increase the concentration of the cell liquid(15 gallon pots distributor), which can promote the differentiation and formation of flower buds on the flower branches, thus achieving the purpose of controlling water and promoting flowers, and providing a strong guarantee for the next round of bloom(plug trays wholesale). Of course, in addition to water control, it is necessary to carry out reasonable topdressing on potted bougainvillea, usually adopting the principle of “thin fertilization and diligence”, mainly in pursuit of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and supplemented by a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer.

(plastic small square succulent pots in bulk)Usually after 2-3 weeks of water control, especially during the flowering period(gallon planters supplier), we need to replenish water and fertilizer in time to avoid water and nutrient deficiency and affect normal flowering. We only need to increase the water control for plants that are too nutritious, and even stop the hydration to inhibit the growth of the branches(black plastic nursery pots). It usually shows symptoms of wilting in 2-4 days, and at the same time, it achieves the purpose of controlling water. This is exactly what we need.

The growth point on the branches of the bougainvillea is contained(bulk half gallon pots), the state of growth stagnation occurs, and the color begins to change from yellow to green. At this time, the normal watering and hydrating behavior will resume, which will better promote the differentiation and formation of flower buds(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It should be noted that we can use the relatively small pots to potted and grow bougainvillea, so that it is easier to control the water, so as to avoid the branches and promote the flowering.

(plastic small square succulent pots in bulk)The bougainvillea begins to enter the flowering period in the fall of October(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer), and until mid-November, we can usually keep a thin water fertilizer every 2 weeks. However, it is not advisable to topdress during the flowering period, and it is necessary to strictly control the watering, or even without watering. Anyway, usually as long as the plant does not die, it is generally less watered or not watered(plastic nursery pots). Therefore, the water control during the bougainvillea is very important for the flowering effect.

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