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The average 1000 grain weight increased by 0.09 g and the yield increased by 19%(11cm plastic grow pots). The specific method is: from the beginning of flowering to the full flowering stage, generally 200-250g potassium dihydrogen phosphate is used per mu, diluted with 50-62.5kg water(9cm square plant pots), and then sprayed on the front and back of the leaves, 5-7 days apart each time, 2-3 times in a row.

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Foliar spraying should be carried out in cloudy or sunny evening as far as possible to avoid the interference of high temperature and dry hot wind(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), reduce the evaporation of water in nutrient solution, and be more conducive to the absorption of nutrients by leaves. After the Spring Festival, spring broadcasting begins(propagation trays for cuttings). The grass growers should grasp the following principles when fertilizing the pasture: what is needed and how much is needed.

(plastic soil block trays wholesale supplier)Only uniform fertilization can give full play to the fertilizer effect and obtain high yield(110mm plastic grow pots). For medium and low fertility land, the amount of fertilizer should be increased to make the input of nutrients greater than the removal, and gradually improve the level of soil fertility(large black plastic flower pots). Improve fertilization methods to reduce nutrient loss, escape and fixation. Adopt correct fertilization methods to avoid pollution of rivers, lakes and groundwater.

The cost of foliar fertilizer spraying is low, the work efficiency is high, the effect of water and fertilizer is good(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), and fertilizer spraying can also be combined with pest control. On the premise of achieving the production goal, the amount and times of fertilization should be reduced to save the cost(small plastic hanging baskets). As far as possible, it should be based on the capacity of soil nutrient elements, and excessive fertilization is not allowed.(plastic soil block trays wholesale supplier)

Foliar spray fertilizer production is high, many sesame and sesame oil with a variety of food and delicacies, has been known in the world(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). According to the proportion and quantity of plants' demand for various nutrients, and taking full account of the nutrient supply of the soil, the nutrients required by the plants are supplied according to a certain proportion and quantity(polypropylene plant pots), so as to achieve a balanced supply of various nutrients.

According to the growth habit of the bamboo, we must do a good job in pest protection measures(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Note that ammonium nitrate cannot be mixed with ash, ammonia, etc. If flowers are cultured in a flowerpot for a long time, the best time to change the flowerpot is about one week before and after the spring equinox(greenhouse trays and pots). For southern flowers, they can wait until the Qingming Dynasty before and after the stop of changing the flowerpot.

(plastic soil block trays wholesale supplier)At ordinary times, when the phenomenon of yellow leaves appears, the plants will be frostbitten and the soil will be too wet(12cm plastic grow pots). If the spring corn flowering period should be based on the basic fertilizer, supplemented by topdressing. Farmyard manure is the main fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizer(plastic growing containers). Nitrogen is the main fertilizer, phosphorus is the auxiliary. Based on the basic principle of ear fertilizer as the main and grain fertilizer as the auxiliary.

 Generally speaking, the roots of flowers should be cut slightly(100mm plastic grow pots), The base fertilizer generally accounts for about 70% of the total amount of fertilization, and most of the phosphate fertilizer should also be applied in combination with the base fertilizer, generally in the previous year combined with autumn tillage(round plastic flower pots). Foliar fertilization can increase the number of fruit, the weight of seed and the oil yield of seed.(plastic soil block trays wholesale supplier)

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