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Spraying 0.3% borax on the foliar surface 5 to 7 days before flowering can increase the fruit setting rate(small nursery pots). Red, also known as Red Earth, is a new high-quality grape variety bred by the University of California. Introduced in China in 1987, it was successfully introduced and cultivated in Liaoning, Shandong, Hebei, Xinjiang, and Shaanxi(3 gallon black plastic nursery pots). Every 1 to 2 years, combined with the expansion of the hole between the rows, the base fertilizer is applied once.

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Practice has proved: low fertility, berry growth period(plastic seedling pots), in order to promote fruit expansion, seed development, enhance leaf photosynthesis, promote branch filling, increase yield and quality, when the berry grows to the size of soybean granules, topdressing phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen fertilizer The effect is obvious(plastic terracotta planters). After every 10 to 15 days after flowering, spraying 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 0.1% urea with sprayed pesticide surface is also very effective.

(plastic square nursery pots wholesale supplier)Therefore, if the new shoots in the early stage are too prosperous, there is a long-term phenomenon(1 gallon plastic pots). In the autumn, in order to promote fruit ripening early, coloring is good, and the branches are full, it is necessary to apply and spray ripening fertilizer, mainly based on phosphorus-potassium compound fertilizer(8 inch nursery pots). Grapes such as Red Earth can mature in the middle and late September of the Daze Mountain in Pingdu, and can be delayed.

According to the application of vine fertilizer, heavy application of fruit fertilizer(large nursery pots). After being unearthed in early spring and before and after germination, the quality is deteriorated according to a certain concentration. When the first frost at the end of October is received, in order to meet the nutrient consumption of the grapes on the plants(8 inch plant pot), it is necessary to apply the delayed harvesting fertilizer to the ternary. Compound fertilizer is the main.

Based on the growth, appearance and soil structure of the vines(round plastic plant pots), as well as the soil fertility and fertility, the number of fertilization and the number of top dressings are determined. Our experience in grape topdressing is: applying 5000 kg of organic fertilizer per mu as the basis of the base fertilizer(5 gallon plastic container). On the basis of the "four-see" principle of looking at trees, seeing the land, seeing the output, and seeing the harvesting time, determine the period, type, quantity and method of topdressing.(plastic square nursery pots wholesale supplier)

Look at the tree is to see the age of the vine, the strength of the growth and the amount of production(large plastic plant pots uk). Every year, it is necessary to apply germination fertilizer, flower-producing fertilizer, fruit-harvesting fertilizer, fruit and branches and mature fertilizer. The general fertilization method is a combination of root application and leaf spray(7 inch plant pot). If the new shoots grow moderately, the leaves are dark green, reflecting that the nutrients in the soil are sufficient.

For example, the germination fertilizer should be based on the application of quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer(heavy duty nursery pots). The flower-promoting fertilizer should be based on the application of phosphate fertilizer, combined with foliar application of boron fertilizer, and fruit growth fertilizer(nursery containers wholesale). For mature trees, 0.5 to 1 kg of compound fertilizer per plant should be applied according to the above four fertilization periods, in order to continue to supplement the tree nutrition.

(plastic square nursery pots wholesale supplier)It is called “probiotic fruit fertilization. However, there are different types of topdressing in each period(greenhouse planting pots). Potassium compound fertilizer is good. If the root can be used to simmer the excrement, and then spray the surface with potassium dihydrogen phosphate(15 gallon plastic pots), the best effect is to apply the fruit and the mature fertilizer in the coloring period, mainly spraying the potassium dihydrogen phosphate and the root phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer.

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