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Plastic Succulent Propagation Tray Manufacturer

Many friends who farm the bamboo do not know how to propagate(plastic nursery planters). Family potted bamboo can also be propagated by ramets. The bamboos are strong, and the plants of 4-5 years old can continuously sprout roots from the rhizosphere, and the plants will continue to expand(10 x 20 propagation tray). In the spring, the pots can be combined with the pots, and the pots can be planted into the upper pots to obtain new plants.

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For the flower friends who already have a pot of bamboo, it is undoubtedly the most ideal way to breed the bamboo(sureroots deep cell plug trays). However, the ramets often have certain risks, and the ramets must be guaranteed to survive. Everyone needs to carefully handle every detail of the ramets process(5 gallon black plastic nursery pots). The bamboo stalks are generally suitable for 1 to 2 years of seedlings, and the time is best in March, April and May, because if the temperature is too high, it is not conducive to survival.(plastic succulent propagation tray manufacturer)

Therefore, it is generally possible to carry out ramets propagation on large plants grown for 4 years to 5 years(large plastic garden pots for trees), and to divide the overgrown strains into 2 strains - 3 plants or a cluster. Plants with strong growth, no pests and diseases, and many clusters of stems were selected as mother plants, and water was permeated one day before the ramets(square nursery pots wholesale). The potted seedlings to be sown are removed, and the root potting soil is gently shaken off and placed on the prepared wood board for division.

Although the bamboo is not bamboo, the bamboo branches are like bamboo, and the posture is very beautiful(32 cell tray). In fact, the ramets are a method of reproduction of the bamboo. Set a half shade to maintain until a new leaf or new strain is issued. In this way, the knife should be fast, hand-cooked, and split once. I have lived at home for a long time(plastic growing trays). Because it is good to place rich bamboo in the Feng Shui layer. Du Fu likes the environment with high air humidity.(plastic succulent propagation tray manufacturer)

The divided seedlings must have roots, otherwise they will not survive(8 inch plastic plant pots). At the incision of the cut seedlings, the ash should be quickly planted, then planted in the prepared pots, and poured through the water. Place the seedlings in the semi-shade and give appropriate management. Generally, new shoots can be germinated within 30 to 40 days(plastic nursery tray). At this time, the shape can be changed according to the growth potential of the plant and the branches are left.

The bamboo stalks are carried out in the spring when the pots are changed(98 cell plug trays). The roots are opened and the roots are not too much. According to the size of the plants, potted plants or ground plants are selected. After planting, water is poured, placed in the semi-shade or shaded. Watering should be properly controlled afterwards, otherwise it will cause yellow leaves(plastic flower pots in bulk). Not only can I reduce the consumption of nutrients, but I usually apply a small amount of compound fertilizer in winter.

(plastic succulent propagation tray manufacturer)After clearing the surface weeds, the arch shed is placed to cover the film and the edges are compacted with soil(plastic terracotta pots bulk). If the soil is acidic, add 5 to 10 kg of lime to the above matrix formulation. Mix with fine sand before applying. Generally control the temperature and humidity. Before planting, the vine grows to 50-60cm(nursery containers). Every household has not moved into the room in mid-October in the autumn, and the new shoots are long, which can cause premature death of the plants.

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