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Plastic Terracotta Pots Wholesale Price Saudi Arabia

Application of Hawthorn base fertilizer(square grow pots). It is better to carry out in time after fruit picking in late autumn, the ratio of organic fertilizer and iron fertilizer is 5:1, so as to promote the absorption and accumulation of nutrients in the tree body and facilitate the differentiation of flower buds(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The best base fertilizer is organic fertilizer with a certain amount of chemical fertilizer.

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The amount of chemical fertilizer is: generally, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer used as base fertilizer accounts for about half of the annual application amount, which is equivalent to 0.25kg-1.0kg of urea or 0.7kg-5.0kg of ammonium bicarbonate(gallon nursery pots). Generally, it can be flexibly controlled according to the soil fertility, basal fertilizer and top dressing in the flowering stage(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If less organic fertilizer is applied, microelement fertilizer can be applied properly.(plastic terracotta pots wholesale price saudi arabia)

It accounts for about 80% of the annual application amount, which is equivalent to 1.0kg-5.0kg of superphosphate containing 16% of P2O5(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The amount of potassium fertilizer in the base fertilizer is generally 0.25kg-2.0kg of potassium sulfate or 0.25kg-1.5kg of potassium chloride. Open a 20-40 cm ditch and apply it(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Pay attention not to be too close to the tree. Mix chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer or soil properly before applying it into the ditch to avoid burning roots.

Generally, it is about 25% of the annual application amount, which is equivalent to 0.1kg-0.5kg urea or 0.3kg-1.3kg ammonium bicarbonate per plant(propagation tray). According to the actual situation, a certain amount of P-K fertilizer can also be applied properly. Combined with irrigation, open small ditch and apply. Topdressing in the early stage of hawthorn fruit expansion(128 cell seed trays wholesale). It is mainly to improve the nutritional conditions of flower bud differentiation in the early stage.

(plastic terracotta pots wholesale price saudi arabia)Those with more basal and flowering topdressing can not be applied or less, the soil is poor, and those with less basal and flowering topdressing or no topdressing should be applied(cell trays). The amount of application was 0.1kg-0.4kg urea or 0.3kg-1.0kg ammonium bicarbonate per plant. Topdressing of hawthorn fruit in the period of expansion(128 cell trays bulk). The main purpose is to promote the growth of fruit, increase the carbohydrate content of hawthorn, improve the yield and quality.

It is mainly provided by organic fertilizer and soil. If more organic fertilizer is applied, no or less microelement fertilizer can be applied generally(plug trays). The actual amount of microelement fertilizer is calculated as the base fertilizer application based on the specific fertilizer: the amount of potassium fertilizer for each fruit tree is generally 0.2kg-0.5kg potassium sulfate(72 cell plug trays supplier), 0.25kg-0.5kg ammonium bicarbonate and 0.5kg ammonium bicarbonate Kg ~ 1.0kg superphosphate.(plastic terracotta pots wholesale price saudi arabia)

The amount of borax per mu is 0.25kg-0.5kg, zinc sulfate per mu is 2kg-4kg(gallon plant pot), manganese sulfate per mu is 1kg-2kg, ferrous sulfate per mu is 5kg-10kg (it should be applied together with high-quality organic fertilizer), micro fertilizer can also be applied on the leaf surface, and the spraying concentration should be controlled at 0.1% - 0.5% according to the aging degree of the leaf(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the leaf should be thin when it is tender The leaves can be thicker when they are older.

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