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The growth characteristics of full growth seedlings are that height growth is growing in the whole growing season(propagation tray). The seedling of the growth type in spring has the characteristics of high growth period and short growth period from the beginning of the second year, that is to say, when the seedling starts to grow in spring(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), it enters the fast growth period after the very short growth period.

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In the northern region, the long-term growth of tree species is only 1-2 months(plug trays). The diameter growth peak and the height growth peak of seedlings are also staggered, and the diameter growth also has a temporary growth period. The growth of leaves and the lignification of new branches are carried out at the same time of growth, and they will be fully lignified in autumn for overwintering(162 cell seed starting trays). The fast-growing period of high growth is also short.

(plastic v15 nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)The tree species belonging to this type are: poplar, plum tree, inspection tree, Robinia, Sophora tree, black locust tree(gallon nursery pots), cantilever tree, pickled, peach, mountain check, nuclear tree, eucommia, Wenzhou tangerine, youolivou, larch, Platycladus orientalis, migratory tree, Cryptomeria, juniper, wetland pine, cedar and luohanbai, etc(200 cell seed starting trays). After the fast-growing period, the high-growing long roots will stop soon. 

The growth rate of the whole growth type seedlings does not rise in a straight line in the annual growth cycle(gallon plant pot). At this time, the root system grows slowly (L-2 times in the South). Because the branches and leaves on the ground are developed, they can produce a lot of carbohydrates and transport them to the roots(seed starter trays), which promotes the growth of the root system, and the growth speed of the surface root system is accelerated.(plastic v15 nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)

Generally, there will be a temporary growth slowdown once(cell trays), that is, the growth rate of the seedlings is obviously slow, the growth rate of the seedlings decreases sharply, and sometimes the growth stagnates. This is because the peak period of high growth and rapid growth of the whole growth type seedlings is staggered with that of the root system(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). In the early stage of seedling stage, root system grows faster than height.

(plastic v15 nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)In spring, it is necessary to apply fertilizer, irrigate and cultivate in time in the early stage of fast-growing(square nursery pots). When the first fast-growing peak appears in the high growth, the seedlings have reached the stage when the branches and leaves are luxuriant, and the vegetative organs on the ground are developed, which requires the most water and fertilizer(black plastic plant pots). The distribution direction of nutrients in seedlings is always to ensure the key growth site.

From the point of view of environmental conditions, high temperature and strong light are not conducive to the high growth of seedlings(plastic grow pots). However, the soil temperature is lower than the temperature, which is suitable for root growth, and the soil moisture is also more sufficient, so the peak of rapid growth of roots generally occurs in the high growth period(15 cell trays bulk). After the fast-growing peak, the second fast-growing peak appeared.(plastic v15 nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)

The diameter growth peak in summer and autumn is after the height growth peak(flat plastic tray), and the diameter growth stop period in autumn is later than the height growth, which is the common law of many tree species. For example, the diameter growth peak of Populus euphratica seedlings in the fast-growing period is between two high growth peaks(nursery plant pots). When the high growth stops, there is a small quotient peak of diameter growth.(plastic v15 nursery pots wholesale suppliers india)

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