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Plastic V23 Nursery Grower Pots Wholesale

China's vegetable processing exports occupy an important position(plastic plant trays wholesale). The whole process of green onion production includes seedling, planting, soil cultivation, weeding and harvesting. The production cost is still considered from the perspective of the sustainable development of China's agricultural labor force. It is imperative to mechanize the whole process of green onion(gallon pot). 

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(plastic v23 nursery grower pots wholesale)At present, the author has mainly produced fresh green onions for many years(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The key link of mechanized production in the whole process, the seedling production is generally characterized by weak seedlings, easy lodging, difficulty in water and fertilizer management, and difficulty in controlling pests and diseases. 

The research and practice of intensive seedling cultivation techniques for green onions have been carried out(3.54inch plastic nursery pots), and the annual supply of high-quality seedlings of green onions is 1.6 billion. The dry matter content and the content of the spice oil of these varieties are high, and the pseudo-stems are firm, mostly based on Japanese imported varieties.

The onion seeds weigh about 3g and have a high soluble sugar content(large plastic terracotta pots). The key technologies for intensive seedling cultivation of green onions are introduced as follows, in order to provide technical support for the standardized and intensive production of green onions. The specifications of green onion seedlings should meet the requirements of mechanized colonization. 

All production links are completed manually, and the production cost per 667m2 is more than 3,000 yuan, regardless of the reduction(3.94inch plastic plant pots). The leaves are dark green, the roots are white, strong but not prosperous, and there are no disease spots. Cut the leaves before planting, pseudo stem length 10cm Left and right, keep the residual leaves about 2 cm, and the root part 3 cm.(plastic v23 nursery grower pots wholesale)

At present, China's green onion transplanting machinery is mainly imported from Japan(nursery plant pots). The standard for planting seedlings is: seedling age 45~60d (day), the plant is strong, no lodging, plant height 15cm, the pseudo stem is about 0.3cm thick, and the functional leaves are 2 to 3 pieces(4.13inch plastic plant pots). It is mainly based on the production and processing of export-oriented green onions. 

The selection of the specific varieties of green onions can be determined according to the local market, production habits and farmers' needs(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The main varieties are mainly Zhangqiu big paulownia, gas hurricane, second son, Chinese giant onion, etc. When the wintering of the protected area is planted, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of resistant varieties, such as very late pumping, etc.

It has a lighter spicy taste and is suitable for fresh food or as a chopped green onion(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). Before the machine is planted, the filler, bactericide, insecticide, fertilizer, plant growth regulator and other ingredients can be mixed and adhered to the surface of the seed for coating treatment. The seedlings are of this type, which are of Changbai type and have low content of spice oil. 

The production method of Chinese green onion is mainly in open field cultivation and a small part of protected land cultivation(square grow pots). In addition, in recent years, some northern onion growing areas in northern China have a certain increase in the area of onion planting, and the southern green onion production area is still dominated by southern type onions(4.33inch plastic plant pots). 

(plastic v23 nursery grower pots wholesale)The realization of green onion in China is one of the important characteristics of vegetables in China(seed starting trays). The varieties used in the main production areas of northern onion are different because of different product uses. Early convulsions in the spring(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). If your lemon tree is sowed or does not have the ideal shape, then you should first consider shaping.

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