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Plastic V9 Nursery Pots Manufacturers In China

Pay attention to the fact that the development period is too late to fully utilize the development period(19cm plastic grow pots). Fully expose the pods before sowing to improve physiological activity, enhance water absorption capacity and germination potential(deep cell plug trays). If peanut seeds are indirectly exposed, it is very easy to make the seed coat brittle and burst, making the seeds lose protection and rot Species.

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Although the initial stage of emergence is only one day earlier than that of unseasoned fruits, the peak period of emergence is 5 days earlier, with an average increase of over 8%(15 gallon pot). Generally, peel the husks after the sun, and try to choose bright-colored, full-grained, uniform-sized seeds as the first-level seeds to sow together(10 gallon pots), so as to avoid the symbiosis of large and small seedlings, and large seedlings bully small seedlings to reduce yield.

(plastic v9 nursery pots manufacturers in china)According to experience, the selective seeding has increased the yield by more than 20% compared with the mixed seed(20cm plant pots). The suitable time for pod peeling is about 10 days before sowing. Experiments and practice have proved that the later the peeling, the stronger the seed viability and the more neat and robust the emergence(plastic plant pots). Loquat affects the number of effective flowers and pod development, reducing yield and quality.

Pay attention to the planting density(20 gallon pot). Generally, the density of large peanuts is about 8000 holes per acre, and the density of small peanuts can be higher. About 10,000 holes, 2 seeds per hole can be. If the lack of seedlings is discovered 10-15 days after sowing, stop the germination and replanting in real time(plastic plant pots wholesale nz). After the peanuts are unearthed, bring the soil to replant the seedlings, and pay attention not to hurt root.(plastic v9 nursery pots manufacturers in china)

Early seeding can easily affect flower bud differentiation(injection molded nursery pots). After clearing the seeds, the surrounding soil will be cut off to make the cotyledons exposed to the ground. The benefits of doing so have already been mentioned before, so I won't go into details here(plastic seedling trays). The role of soil cultivation is to shorten the distance between the fruit needles and the ground, so that the fruit needles enter the soil early, and increase the seed setting rate and fruit filling rate.

High-yield peanuts require no excessive growth in the medium term and no premature aging in the later stages(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). But the soil fertility foundation is good and the temperature and rain during the flowering period can also cause the plants to grow too long and seal off prematurely(5 gallon plant pot). Although the field is closed, the leaf area is reduced, the fruit needles are hung and the needles are not solid and the fruit is not full.

(plastic v9 nursery pots manufacturers in china)Therefore, 30-45 days after flowering(black plastic flower pots), spraying regulators such as chlormequat or paclobutrazol generally regulate the balance of nutrient and reproductive development of peanuts, increase the rate of photosynthetic products moving to pods, and increase the rate of pod formation and fruit filling(nursery plant pots for sale). You can also find some land to plant some spare seedlings when the peanuts are planted.

Generally, after the pod-setting period, the peanut root absorptive capacity is weakened(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the important nutrients of the stems and leaves are not enough, and the signs of premature senescence are likely to appear. Stop after rain or cloudy days before ridge closure 15-20 days after flowering(50 cell plug trays). Generally, the fruits are sun-dried 2-3 days before sowing. There is no high requirement for the use of soil. It is best to use softer soil. 

Before harvest(15 cell propagation trays wholesale), the leaves at the base of the stem and branch gradually fall off, and each stem and branch has only 4-6 parietal leaves, which is the basis for maintaining the vitality of the whole plant and stopping photosynthesis. In order to enhance the leaf vitality and extend the functional period(starter pots), spraying should be started from the later stage Foliar fertilizer, spray every 7-10 days, spray a total of 2-3 times.(plastic v9 nursery pots manufacturers in china)

You can choose a bonsai pot larger than the bottom plate according to the size of the current bottom plate(21 cell propagation trays wholesale). When pouring the root water, you can use one thousandth of potassium permanganate water to make it easier to survive. Place it in a half shade or scattered light for three to five days, and soak it in clear water for at least one hour(cheap square plant pots). Earthworm dung can be added to the soil to provide some nutrients for plant growth.

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