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Plastic V9 Nursery Pots Wholesale Price Philippines

You must first pour the mud block with water, and then put some cultivation soil in the hole of the mud block, and then sow or transplant the seedlings(1 gallon pot). After the seedlings cultivated with mud blocks are planted in the field, they must be kept moist to ensure survival. It grows faster than field vegetables, with high yield, good quality, beautiful appearance, and high commodity rate(plastic terracotta pots); when eggplants appear in 2 to 3 true leaves and grow a true leaf.

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Beans and melons have a short seedling period, sow the seeds in the holes of the mud blocks, spread nutrient soil to cover the seeds, and then put them in the hotbed(seedling trays). If the seedlings are moved, put the seedlings in the eyes of the mud blocks, place the culture soil, move them into the hotbed, and put another layer of culture soil after the seedlings survive(seed starter trays). It can be used or stored for later use when the surface of the mud block is slightly white.(plastic v9 nursery pots wholesale price philippines)

Appropriately reduce the seeding amount of the mother bed(1020 tray). Vegetables have a short growing period, and some vegetables can be harvested 20 to 30 days after sowing, generally half of the manure. The proportion of manure for cucumber is 60 ~ 90%, and that of eggplant is 40%. Add 1 kg of superphosphate, 0.5 ~ 1 kg of ammonium nitrate(black plastic plant pots), and 1 kg of slaked lime to each cubic meter bed soil, mix well, and heat to 70 ~ 80 ℃ for disinfection.

(plastic v9 nursery pots wholesale price philippines)Shelf every 2.5 kilograms and a pile every 4th, and store it when the surface of the morning is thawed(square nursery pots). Start squatting seedlings 7-10 days before planting, gradually extend the air release time, perform low temperature forging, combined with water control. Three bands (with tuo, bud, and flower) when planting(5 gallon pot). The suitable seedling age for planting is: melons 30 to 50 days, eggplants, spicy seeds 70 to 80 days, tomatoes 60 to 70 yuan.

Then the ratio of mother and child bed is 1: 2 ~ 3(construction perlite). Seedlings are distributed at an appropriate time to expand the nutrient area. The seedling period should be controlled before the flower buds begin to differentiate (to prevent flower bud differentiation from being frustrated), when melons appear in the first true leaf and the cotyledons flatten out(128 cell seedling start trays). The vegetative area of each seedling after bacterial separation is 8 × 8 cm for melons and 6 × 6 cm for eggplants. 

Therefore, we should pay attention to heat preservation by using mud blocks in winter, and put cooked things under the mud blocks, and fill the gaps between the mud blocks with fine soil(plastic grow pots). Improve the temperature and humidity management of Miao Qing: the temperature should be high before the low, the day high and the night low, and the feet are hot and cold(128 cell seed starter trays); the humidity management should be dry feet wet, dry up wet.

If the temperature is high in spring, the surface of the mud block should be kept moist(15 gallon nursery pots). For robust tomato seedlings, a short temperature of 0 ° C will not be affected by freezing. Robust eggplant and pepper seedlings will not suffer from freezing damage at short temperatures of 5 ° C(stacking plant pots). To lower the bed temperature, it should be gradually strengthened. Suddenly lowering too much can easily cause seedling injury.(plastic v9 nursery pots wholesale price philippines)

Sowing or transplanting seedlings with dry mud blocks, because the hydroponic method is to prepare nutrient solutions according to ideal standards(plant trays), without using unripe organic fertilizers or pesticides, the production conditions are all manually controlled to completely avoid soil diseases, frost, etc. It is affected by various natural disasters(32 cell seed starting trays). At the same time, it is more popular with consumers because it does not contain pesticide residues.

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