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Polystyrene Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers Canada

Therefore, its inheritance and innovation has become the most prominent problem(plastic nursery trade pots). It has gradually formed the artistic style of "natural, beautiful, deep, magnificent" and has strong local characteristics. For example, regardless of the morphological characteristics of tree species and materials(72 cell trays), they are all made into a certain standard pattern, and even cut their feet to fit their shoes.

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If we don't build on the heritage of our predecessors, we will be able to build on it(sureroots deep cell plug trays). Today's era is in the historical period of reform and opening up, economic construction, social economy, culture and ideology have made rapid development, bonsai art has also entered an unprecedented new stage(72 cell trays bulk). In the old times, the objects of bonsai appreciation were mainly two kinds of people: one was literati and doctors.(polystyrene seed trays wholesale suppliers canada)

Because they advocated nature, cherished mountains and rivers, they often expressed their feelings by making bonsai themselves and appreciating it(plant trays without holes). Limestone karst caves in the mountainous areas of Guangxi and Sichuan are rich in stalactites of various shapes. They are crystal clear and white as jade(5 gallon pots distributor). Besides being used as bonsai materials, they can also be used with exquisite wooden seats for stone appreciation.

(polystyrene seed trays wholesale suppliers canada)The other is the rich and powerful officials and businessmen, who usually buy or hire craftsmen to make bonsai for them out of mediocrity or show off their wealth(4 inch square greenhouse pots). Anhui landscape bonsai started late, but developed rapidly(plastic seed trays). In addition, the latter kind of bonsai is processed and produced by bonsai craftsmen under the influence of their aesthetic taste, which are not without exquisite skills and excellent traditional forms.

They display halls and gardens, such as Yangzhou Salt Merchants and Huizhou merchants in Qing Dynasty(v9 nursery pots). The former kind of bonsai belongs to the literati bonsai, which generally pays more attention to the poetic and picturesque, and is sometimes influenced by some feudal consciousness(162 cell trays bulk). This kind of skill has been taught by teachers and apprentices for a long time, so it is easy to be inherited and conservative.(polystyrene seed trays wholesale suppliers canada)

However, they tend to overemphasize the ancient elegance and profound ability of stumps(128 cell plug tray), substitute the high and low quality of materials for art, exaggerate the form of processing technology, and ignore the artistic effect and natural flavor. At the same time, we must innovate on the basis of traditional skills(plastic garden pots wholesale). For example, Wang Wei in Tang Dynasty and Su Dongpo in Song Dynasty are all bonsai enthusiasts.

(polystyrene seed trays wholesale suppliers canada)Once any kind of art develops to the "perfect" level, it will form a solidified program(v9 nursery pots), and this "perfect" and the subsequent strict norms will often hinder the innovation and development of this art. On the basis of inheriting the tradition, we should also carry out reform and innovation, and pursued leisure life, reform those old and inadequate places caused by the limitations of the times(200 cell trays bulk), and create the new art of the times.

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