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Rectangle Garden PP Bean Growing Tray UK

When raising rice seedlings, in order to breed strong seedlings, it is necessary to control the amount of seeding(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The seeding amount of the disc should be determined according to the specifications, variety, seed size, seedling age, seed germination rate, and accumulated temperature belt of the tray. Like the first accumulated temperature with super rice, the seeding rate is about 2 or so. The second accumulated temperature is with large grain rice, and the seeding rate is about 2.5(seedling trays wholesale). The third accumulative temperature is round rice, the seeding rate is 2.2~2.7, and the fourth season temperate rice seeding is 2.5~3.

(rectangle garden pp bean growing tray uk)Here, if the amount of seeding has been determined(plastic nursery pots), and how many dry seeds or buds are broadcast per dish, how many germinations per hole are there? How many seedlings can be produced per hole? If the seed germination rate is 95% The size of the plate is 58×28 cm, and the trays are horizontally placed at 18 holes. Each plate has a total of 648 holes. The plate with 14 holes is 434 points per plate(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). If you use rice seeds with a weight of about 26 grams, one or two rice seeds are about 1923 tablets.

In order to better assist the development of the nursery industry(wholesale nursery pots), the seedling industry will be promoted from disorderly competition to cooperative and industrial upgrading. The first China Vegetable Seedling Industry Summit Forum was held in Beijing, which attracted the participation of enterprises, research institutes and nursery farms from the country. In order to better promote the rapid development of China's vegetable seedling industry, the China Vegetable Seedling Industry Alliance was established(72 cell propagation trays). Come! China's nursery industry needs you to travel in the future!

(rectangle garden pp bean growing tray uk)On the basis of the second China Vegetable Seedling Industry Summit Forum(black plastic nursery pots), we will increase the seedling industry enterprise display area, seedling company, seedling substrate, seedling special fertilizer, seedling special production equipment enterprise and other seedling-related enterprises on-site display and negotiation. With the latest technology, the most practical materials and the most advanced equipment in the Chinese vegetable breeding industry(200 cell seed starter trays), we will explore the development trend of the domestic and international nursery industry and find solutions to industrial dilemmas.

When transplanting, we calculate according to this standard(plug trays wholesale), how many rice buds can be found in each hole? If the rice bud rate is more than 95%, use 648 hole plate for precision seeding, salt-selected rice seeds, and dry seeds for seeding. The amount can also be reduced to 2 or 2, or even lower, the rice seedlings with less than 2 two in the seeding, the seedling age should be more than 35 days, and the first accumulated temperature and late maturing varieties can reach 45 days(plant start trays wholesale). There are about 10 kinds of rice seeds in each hole, and there is still a top dressing in the seedling stage.(rectangle garden pp bean growing tray uk)

The peasant is the wise, the lazy is the creator(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Rice seedlings, in order to reduce the labor of mixing and sturdy sputum, and reduce the labor intensity, rice farmers have put the sturdy sputum on the rice seedlings and soil, and carried out rice seedlings, which has achieved good results. If the rice bud rate is 90%, the rice varieties with strong tillering power are 5-6 seedlings per hole, and the rice varieties with poor tillering power can have 7-8 seedlings per hole(32 cell seed starter trays). For the fourth time, the amount of water can be larger.

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