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Reusable Seed Starting Trays Wholesale

Can the impatiens be raised indoors? When I was young, girls often used impatiens to apply nails (toe) to make them red, but they could not be retired for several months(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Impatiens are also called henna. Impatiens, mainly produced in India and in the shape of a butterfly, with various colors and good variations, so many times we can see flowers of different colors on a flower. The American Epstein Institute of Biological Sciences reviews the main chemical components and pharmacological effects of Fengxian(72 cell seed trays wholesale).

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(reusable seed starting trays wholesale)Results: Impatiens contains a large number of naphthoquinones, flavonoids, coumarins, sterols and other ingredients(seed starter trays). Naphthoquinone (MNQ-1) has a good antifungal effect. Therefore, at present, relevant research institutes are studying the chemical constituents and pharmacological effects of Impatiens. The effect of impatiens: hurricane, blood circulation, swelling, pain relief. Treatment of rheumatism and partial waste(50 cell seed trays wholesale), waist and flank pain, women with abdominal pain, postpartum blood stasis, bruises, sputum, hemorrhoids, goose palm, onychomycosis.

Impatiens is a kind of sun-loving, afraid of moisture, so it is suitable for planting in sunny places(plug trays wholesale). Impatiens are resistant to poorness, have strong adaptability to the land, and have a high survival rate. However, Impatiens contains a cancer-promoting substance called “Epsteln-Barr virus early antigen inducer”(50 cell plant trays bulk)! These substances do not evaporate directly, but they will infiltrate into the soil if long-term consumption of vegetables grown in this soil It is quite dangerous.

(reusable seed starting trays wholesale)This carcinogen induces the conversion of Epstein-Barr virus to lymphocytes and promotes tumor growth caused by tumor viruses or chemical carcinogens(black plastic nursery pots). Impatiens greening home, contributed. After photosynthesis, Impatiens can attract carbon dioxide and release oxygen. While breathing, people inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide to balance indoor air oxygen and carbon dioxide(32 cell plant trays bulk). At the same time, the heat absorption and water evaporation of the leaves of Impatiens can be reduced. air temperature.

In winter and summer, the temperature can be adjusted relatively, and in the summer, it can play a role in shading and heat insulation(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Remind everyone: Impatiens are not suitable for indoor planting, and it is not suitable for planting too much. If flower lovers want to raise impatiens, try to plant them on the balcony, especially pregnant women. Generally, the dregs are applied as a base fertilizer, and after the flowers are planted(200 cell plant trays bulk), a layer of soil is covered, which can be appropriately incorporated at any time according to the growth of the flowers. It is also necessary to use the dregs as fertilizer, and the amount of fertilizer will also affect the growth of flowers.

(reusable seed starting trays wholesale)Pay attention to the adjustment of the light(plastic nursery pots). Need light, but not too long in strong sunlight. During the week, the foliage plants should be placed outdoors for at least one day and a half, but they should not be exposed to the sun at noon. They should be exposed in the morning or afternoon, or the leaves will be burned. For some foliage plants that need light, they can be supplemented with fluorescent lamps, such as monstera, Xilin, rubber trees, and evergreen(200 cell plug trays supplier). If they are often lacking light, the leaves will turn yellow or light green.

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