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Seed Starting Pots For Shrubs Wholesale Canada

The newly extracted cotyledons will follow the molting, which is very unfavorable for the growth of the plants(plug trays wholesale). Moreover, watering during molting will prolong the molting time of the plants, and it is difficult for the plants to return to normal growth. It can be seen that the raw stone flower is not suitable for splashing the water on the plant during the molting. In addition to the above two reasons(7.88inch plastic plant pots), the watering during the molting may cause the plant to be infected with the bacteria, thereby causing rot.

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(seed starting pots for shrubs wholesale canada)Therefore, raw stone flowers cannot be watered during peeling(black plastic nursery pots). However, after the raw stone is finished, the outer skin will also become thinner and more likely to rupture, especially when it receives strong light or touch. At this time, the water can be gradually supplied, which can promote the skin of the plant to be long and thick, thereby reducing the probability of breakage(9.06inch plastic plant pots). The water supply after the molting is also a gradual process, and it is not expected to be in one step.

Moreover, the raw stone flower is more drought-tolerant and not water-resistant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the pan-soil should be kept dry during the maintenance and management. This is not only important for the smooth molting of the stone, but also for promoting the growth of the plant. The main points are mainly in the following aspects: the raw stone should keep the potting soil with a certain degree of dryness during the molting(2.5inch square nursery pots). When the original potting soil is more dry than the wet, the peeling process will be accelerated, which is very important for peeling. .

(seed starting pots for shrubs wholesale canada)If watering during the process of raw stone flowering, it can cause secondary suede phenomenon(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Even in the old skinned skin, the newly-extracted leaves will also appear suede, which will affect the ornamental effect to some extent. Temperature management during the life of the stone flower needs to be controlled. It is very important that the stone is kept ventilated during the molting, especially after the spring of March(6.5inch plastic plant pots), as the weather gradually warms up, the peeling process of the stone flower will also speed up.

When the temperature exceeds 15 °C, it is especially necessary to improve the ventilation conditions(wholesale nursery pots). If there is no natural wind, you can also turn on the fan to accelerate the air flow. If the old skin of the stone flower becomes a piece of dry and hard paper, but in this case, do not rush to water, usually need to give water for a while. Under the action of light and heat(7.48inch plastic plant pots), the concentration of cytoplasm of the stone flower will also increase, and it can be given water after 2 weeks.(seed starting pots for shrubs wholesale canada)

Recently, many basin friends have been able to water the soil during the process of asking for raw stone flowers, and they are not sure(plastic nursery pots). The information is also ambiguous. Then, can the raw stone flower skin be watered? Therefore, it may happen that the old skin has not been finished, and the maintenance and management of the raw stone flower during the molting period is prone to secondary skinning due to the watering of the raw stone during the molting(6.3inch plastic plant pots). If the raw stone flower has a large temperature difference during the peeling period, it may cause a long phenomenon.

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