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Mainly to control the temperature and humidity, adjust the light and regular ventilation(black plastic nursery pots). Lettuce is cool and cool. It grows best in the temperature range of 10-25 degrees Celsius in winter and spring. It grows slowly below 10 degrees Celsius. It grows badly when it is higher than 30 degrees Celsius. It is easy to twitch and flower. Generally, the daytime temperature should be controlled at 15-21 degrees Celsius, and at night it should be controlled at 10-15 degrees Celsius(7.88inch plastic plant pots). The adjustment of the light is mainly the use of a shading net, and the ventilation generally uses an exhaust fan.

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(seed starting trays wholesale supplier canada)From the 20th to the 40th day after sowing(plug trays wholesale), the pond is to be moved, and the lettuce that is about to grow in the cultivation tank is moved to the pre-formation tank. When the tank is moved, the cultivation plate is taken out from the cultivation tank and placed in a transport tank, and the nutrient solution is injected in advance in the tank. It is then taken out of the transport tank and placed in the pre-formation tank(7.48inch plastic plant pots). At this time, the growth of lettuce should be observed. 30-50 days after sowing, there is also a need to move the pond, and the lettuce grown in the pre-formed pond is moved into a vegetable pond.

However, the second time after the transfer of the pool can be harvested about 10 days(plastic nursery pots). The growth period of hydroponic lettuce is generally 40 days to 60 days, and it can be harvested at this time. Lettuce sowed on the same day may not be harvested on the same day, and may be left in the vegetable pond to continue planting. Harvesting should choose a well-grown, large-leaf vegetable(6.5inch plastic plant pots). When harvesting, the cultivation board is first taken out from the vegetable pot, placed in the transport tank, and then taken out from the transport tank and placed on the harvesting platform.

(seed starting trays wholesale supplier canada)During the harvesting process, the rotten leaves and yellow leaves around the roots are removed and the roots are removed(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Sometimes in order to visualize the characteristics of hydroponic vegetables, it is better to bring some clean roots. The lettuce after harvest should be packaged in time to be listed to ensure its fresh quality. If it cannot be listed in time, in order to prevent the aging of the lettuce tissue after harvesting and maintain its freshness(6.3inch plastic plant pots), it can be stored in an environment of 0-5 degrees Celsius, and the general storage period is 5-7 days.

The harvesting can be carried out according to actual needs(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The daily management of hydroponic lettuce is extremely simple, and the roots can be coiled up during harvesting. Studies have shown that the seed's nutritional value in the process of germination or emergence of seedlings far exceeds the original seed(5.9inch plastic plant pots). There is time to plant sprouting vegetables at home, learning to sprout yourself is a very good value, and you can enjoy such valuable food all year round, healthy, safe and delicious!

(seed starting trays wholesale supplier canada)Spray water 4 to 5 times a day(wholesale nursery pots). Some seeds can increase their vitamin content by 20 times during germination or seedling growth, and some are higher. For example, mung bean sprouts, the contents of vitamins B1, B2 and B3 increased by 285%, 515% and 256%, respectively. The active enzyme content in sprouts is 100 times that of fresh vegetables and fruits(5.5inch plastic plant pots). These active enzymes enable the body to more efficiently absorb and utilize vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids in food.

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