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Shallow 72 Cell Farm Germination Trays

It is necessary to prepare the nutrient soil first(105 cell trays bulk), so that the seedling bed can be planted well, and at the same time, sufficient base fertilizer is applied to keep the nutrient soil moist state, and it is better to carry out the seeding. However, the row spacing of the sowing seeds should be kept at about 3 cm, or it can be carried out by means of on-demand, and the line spacing needs to be kept at about 6 cm(plastic nursery pots nz). 

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(shallow 72 cell farm germination trays)We can also carry out the line, the spacing is kept at 40 cm(98 cell trays bulk), the distance between the seeds is kept at 3 cm, and then cover the soil of 5-6 cm; or the method of using the hole, but the distance needs to be kept at 20-30. After the sowing, pile up about 10-20 cm of mounds, which can effectively protect the cold and protect the grass(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale

After sowing, it should be poured in a timely manner, and only the roots can be rooted in the same year(72 cell trays bulk), and the budding needs to pass the low temperature effect in winter, and the germination will not occur until the spring of next year. After budding, it is necessary to open the mulch film in time and apply 3-4 times of thin liquid fertilizer to supplement the nutrients. Centimeters, and each cave is usually placed with 4-5 seeds. 

Only 1-2 leaves could be taken out in the same year, and after the 9-10 months in the fall, the ground part would appear dead(nursery containers). However, after the end of October, transplanting and planting in the upper pot can be carried out. After the seeding is completed, the mulch film needs to be covered to keep the hydration moist, and the mulch film is removed after the spring germination.

(shallow 72 cell farm germination trays)Solution: Of course(50 cell trays bulk), if it is broadcast, we will plant the seedlings before the seeding, and the roots of the peony flowers, but the small series is mainly to share the root insertion method of the peony flower cuttings. If it is lack of fertilizer, especially the elements such as iron and manganese are missing. Before the spring seeds sprout in the coming year, the mounds need to be leveled. 

Therefore, at this time, the management of the seedlings in the late stage of the peony flower is roughly the same as that of the seedlings(plastic flower pots in bulk). In the end, it is generally very cold, and it is very fragile according to their reaction. However, after a period of time, we have too much water. The watering is too little, the soil is too dry, so it can not maintain its normal growth. Causes the leaves to yellow.

In particular, improper fertilization can cause the leaves of the peony flowers to yellow(32 cell trays bulk). If we apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, it will cause its leaves to roll together and turn yellow. Solution: Excessive fertilization, change the potting soil, let the peony flower refreshed(plastic nursery tray); lack of fertilizer, when applying the peony flower, you should use the right amount of compound fertilizer to give it as a nutrient.

(shallow 72 cell farm germination trays)During the cultivation of peony flowers, your peony flowers will be restored to health(21 cell trays bulk). Peony flowers are like a humid environment, there is nothing to water the leaves, but some flower friends can see that the soil is a little dry and watered, which often causes too much water to cause the roots of the peony flowers to rot, the roots are rotten, and no nutrients are absorbed. The leaves are naturally yellow(plastic growing trays). 

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