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Shallow Black Germination Trays Wholesale Malaysia

The cultivation and cultivation of hydroponic vegetables is usually carried out in greenhouses(plastic nursery pots). In order to ensure the normal and healthy growth of vegetables, greenhouses must be equipped with lighting adjustment facilities, ventilation facilities, and temperature and humidity adjustment facilities. Insect boards are also hoisted during the summer to prevent pests from occurring. The composition of the hydroponic facilities and equipment consists of a nutrient solution tank, a nursery equipment(4.13inch plastic plant pots), a cultivation tank and a cultivation board, a dosing system, a drainage system, a circulation system, and the like.

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(Shallow Black Germination Trays Wholesale Malaysia)The nutrient tank is used to store nutrient solution(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is usually placed in the ground with bricks and cement. The specific width of the nutrient tank can be flexibly designed according to the greenhouse terrain. The seedling raising equipment is used for seeding and seedling raising, and consists of a seedling tray and a breeding substrate. The seedling tray is made of plastic with a flat bottom and no water leakage(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). The disc is 60 cm long, 30 cm wide and 3 cm high. The breeding substrate may be a sponge piece with a relatively large porosity or a degradable rock wool block.

Vegetables are grown on the cultivation board and placed in the cultivation tank(black plastic nursery pots). The roots of the vegetables receive water, nutrients and oxygen from the nutrient solution in the pool to meet the physiological needs of normal growth. The cultivation pool is generally made of cement, and its shape and size are different according to the type of different vegetables. The cultivation pool of cultivated leafy vegetables is generally large, up to hundreds of meters long and tens of meters wide(4.33inch plastic plant pots), the specific size is According to the area of the greenhouse.

(Shallow Black Germination Trays Wholesale Malaysia)The cultivation pool for cultivated fruits and vegetables is generally small, 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide(plug trays wholesale). Both breeding ponds are rectangular and the depth of the pool is required to be 30 cm. In addition, the breeding pools are also ditches and pipelines, but these two breeding ponds are mostly used for small-scale production and viewing purposes. It is used to fix the roots of vegetables, prevent dust from entering, block light from entering(3.94inch plastic plant pots), prevent algae from being produced, and keep the temperature of the nutrient solution in the pond stable.

The cultivation board is generally made of polystyrene board(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The specifications and sizes vary according to the type of vegetables and the needs of different growth stages. Generally, the length is 80 to 100 cm, the width is 50 to 70 cm, and the thickness is 3 cm. The colonization holes with a diameter of 3 cm are arranged, and are divided into 288-well plates, 99-well plates, 72-well plates, 24-well plates, 18-well plates, and 6-well plates according to the pore size(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). In the hydroponic facility, the nutrient solution is generally pumped into the incubation tank by a water pump.(Shallow Black Germination Trays Wholesale Malaysia)

The nutrient solution is pumped out from the nutrient solution tank by the water pump(wholesale nursery pots), and enters the cultivation tank through the liquid addition main pipe and the liquid addition branch pipe, and is absorbed by the root of the vegetable. When the nutrient solution is higher than the liquid discharge port, the liquid discharge port flows back to the nutrient solution tank through the drain groove, thereby completing one cycle(3.54inch plastic plant pots). The nutrient solution used in hydroponic vegetables is to dissolve the fertilizer in water and absorb it through the roots of the vegetables to supply the water and nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the vegetables.

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