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Some farmers responded that the potatoes he planted were harmed by aphids, but they were difficult to control(plastic plant pots wholesale). In fact, there are many kinds of aphids that harm potatoes. Next, I will introduce the harmful symptoms and control methods of aphids. Collect the liquid on the back of the tender leaf(small square plastic plant pots). In severe cases, the leaf curled and shrunk, even dried up, which seriously affected the normal growth of the top bud.

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In the process of feeding, the virus spreads, indirectly endangers potato plants and causes seed potato degradation(plastic nursery pots bulk). A substantial reduction in production. The harm of aphid transmitted virus is far beyond the direct harm to potatoes. The highest temperature of aphid activity is 25 ℃, and the number of aphid reproduction is greatly reduced under 15 ℃(72 plug tray). At the same time, it can prevent aphids from taking off and spreading the virus.(shallow germination trays with holes manufacturer)

You can cut off the stems that are coming out to bloom without keeping them(1/2 gallon nursery pots). According to the distance between aphid migration and virus transmission, the breeding base of potato original species and primary species should be at least 2000 meters away from potato production fields and other Solanaceae plant fields(15 gallon black plastic pots). According to the migration and transmission time of winged aphids, for example, early sowing or wrong sowing can be adopted to reduce the transmission of aphids.

At the same time of aphid control, it is necessary to prevent virus diseases(greenhouse nursery pots). We can understand the symptoms of the harm and then take relevant control measures. It is suggested that the growth of plants be seriously hindered, and the flower buds and flowers are also the dense parts of aphids(buy plastic flower pots online). Cold and cool conditions are not suitable for aphid reproduction, feeding, migration and virus transmission, but such conditions are very suitable for potato growth. 

(shallow germination trays with holes manufacturer)Make sure that the leaves are big and green(nursery supplies plastic pots). Covering with silver gray plastic film can prevent the aphid from migrating. The insecticidal granules with the function of internal absorption are sprinkled around the seed potato during sowing. For spraying aphid, 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 2000 times liquid, 40% Omethoate emulsion 1000 times liquid(wholesale nursery grow bags), 5% acetamiprid emulsion 800 times, or 2.5% cyhalothrin EC 1000~1500 liquid, 25% enemy kill and so on.

The comprehensive control can be carried out in combination with the agents for virus disease control(288 cell tray). The commonly used agents for virus disease control include 500 times of wettable powder of virus A, 1000 times of 1.5% ZHIXIANLING emulsion, amino oligosaccharide, etc. When the winged aphid moved to the potato field(small plastic plant pots bulk), the yellow board coated with glue was inserted in the field to kill the winged aphid, or the silver gray reflective film was hung on the pole in the field to drive away the aphid.

Or you can subtract some from them, leave some, and make fewer flowers(50 cell plug flats). Make sure that you have enough nutrition to supply the growth of the leaves. If you want to have a large and fat herbage, you need to apply fertilizer. In the vigorous growth period, put compound fertilizer once every two weeks (dissolve the compound fertilizer in the water(greenhouse pots for sale), add it to the basin together when adding water, and pay attention not to pour the fertilizer and water on the leaves).(shallow germination trays with holes manufacturer)

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