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Cheap Shallow Plant Germination Trays Wholesale Price

In order to make watermelon high-yield and high-quality(3 gallon container), scientific fertilization is an important part in addition to selecting suitable varieties and good cultivation methods. In order to improve planting efficiency, in recent years, melon farmers have improved the traditional fertilization methods, which are introduced below for reference. Whether it is organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), it must undergo a series of chemical changes in the soil to decompose and transform into nutrients that plants can absorb and use.

The practice of melon farmers is: turn the land well before, plant the base fertilizer 40 days before sowing(large plastic planters cheap), apply more than 2500 kg of fertilizer per mu, 40 kg of compound fertilizer, 5 kg of urea, 5 kg of potassium fertilizer, 2 kg of borax, 1 kg of zinc fertilizer, and plowing spraying the dilamine herbicide cover with a width of 1-1.2 meters of mulch to increase the ground temperature(288 plug tray), promote fertilizer decomposition and conversion to prevent fertilizer loss.(shallow plant germination trays wholesale price)

At this time, the melon farmers will apply the squash fertilizer(4 inch square nursery pots). Therefore, many melon fields should be prepared early, and the base fertilizer should be applied as early as possible. Ditching and fertilizing will not only break the melon roots, but also a large amount of decomposition in the fertilization ditch. The fertilizer also burns the apex that just grows out of the membrane(14 inch plant pot). When the watermelon egg is large, the manure water plus compound fertilizer and urea are poured about 30 cm from the base of the melon root. 

In the traditional watermelon cultivation, the seedling-promoting fertilizer is generally applied within one week after the transplanting of the melon seedlings or after the live seedlings 4-6 leaves(4 inch square pots), and some melon farmers practice: that is, the planting holes are opened in the middle of the mulch according to the number of plants per mu (using The knife is marked "Ten"), each hole is poured with 1 kg of 0.5% three-element compound fertilizer water solution and 0.25 kg 2000 times of Greenheng 2 water solution (if no green hunter 2 can be replaced by other fungicides), The fine soil seals the hole(14 inch plastic plant pots).

(shallow plant germination trays wholesale price)There is no need to pour the root water (fertilizer), and it does not slow down the seedlings, and the growth is good, which lays a good foundation for the high quality and high yield of watermelon(plastic garden pots online). Before the seedling grows 1.5 meters long, how long the melon seedlings are, how long the melon roots can grow. Some melon farmers only apply the vines after the melon seedlings grow to 80-100 cm(viagrow nursery pots). At this time, a large number of roots of the melon seedlings have grown outside the mulch.

On the edge of the mulch (25 cm from the edge of the film), 2 gullies were used for each plough, and 15 kg of compound fertilizer(1 gallon plastic containers), 10 kg of urea, and 7.5 kg of potassium sulphate were applied to the ditch, and the soil was covered with fertilizer. Because the fertilizer is too concentrated, the roots around the fertilization point will burn out, and it is not conducive to the rapid decomposition and transformation of the fertilizer(potting containers wholesale). The characteristics of fertilizer requirements are quite different.(shallow plant germination trays wholesale price)

Not only will it not hurt the roots, but it will also last longer(bulk pots). The melon farm without manure water is mixed with water by using 7.5 kg of compound fertilizer, 5 kg of urea and 4 kg of potassium sulfate. The concentration of the expanded melon fertilizer should be light, and the fertilizer should be adjusted with water to make the fertilizer play a rapid role in a short period of time(20 gallon nursery pots for sale), especially when the soil is relatively dry, and the effect of the expanded melon can be obtained.

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