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Small 2.5 Inch Plastic Nursery Plant Pots For Sale

The main function is to provide various nutrients for crops(propagation tray), improve the nutritional status of crops, and is suitable for supplementing various nutrients in the late stage of crop growth. Regulated foliar fertilizer. Foliar fertilizer contains substances that regulate plant growth, such as auxin, hormones and other components, the main function is to regulate the growth and development of crops(seed starter trays). Suitable for use before and during crop growth. Compound foliar fertilizer.(small 2.5 inch plastic nursery plant pots for sale

Such fertilizers contain microorganisms and metabolites such as amino acids, nucleotides, and nucleic acids(plug trays). The main function is to stimulate crop growth and promote crop metabolism, especially to reduce and prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. There are many kinds of such foliar fertilizers, and the composite mixed forms are various(wholesale greenhouse pots). Its functions are diverse, providing both nutrients and growth regulation. Please read the instructions on the instructions before use.

(small 2.5 inch plastic nursery plant pots for sale) In the specific dilution should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instructions(gallon plant pot). On the one hand, the concentration should be prepared according to the requirements of the product manual. On the other hand, a small area test is performed to determine the effective application concentration. When preparing foliar fertilizer, care should be taken to clean the sprayer(greenhouse supplies pots). Some foliar fertilizers can be mixed with pesticides, while others require separate spraying.

The nutrient content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in such foliar fertilizer is high(cell trays). In addition, especially such bio-foliar fertilizers. Too high or low concentrations of foliar application can adversely affect crop growth. Some foliar fertilizers are suitable for spraying in the early stage of fertility, and some are suitable for spraying in the late growth stage(plastic grow pots). The legume crops spray copper fertilizer at the initial flowering stage and the beginning pod stage. Increase production and improve quality.

(small 2.5 inch plastic nursery plant pots for sale) According to different crops and different growth stages(gallon nursery pots), in general, dicotyledonous plants such as cotton, sweet potato, potato, rapeseed and other leaves are larger, the stratum corneum is thinner, the fertilizer liquid is easy to penetrate, and the foliar fertilizer is better; monocotyledon Such as wheat, corn, etc.(flat plastic tray), the leaf surface is smaller, the stratum corneum is thicker, the penetration of fertilizer liquid is more difficult, and the yield increase effect of foliar fertilizer is slightly worse.

In addition, the application period of foliar fertilizer is also related to fertilizer varieties(black plastic plant pots), such as increasing the number of cell division of plants, and plant growth regulators that increase crop yield should be sprayed in the early stage of growth. After adding water(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale), rapeseed and other crops spray boron-containing micro-element fertilizers at the flower bud stage and the initial flowering stage to prevent flowering and unreality, and increase the pod-forming rate.(small 2.5 inch plastic nursery plant pots for sale) 

Allow it to dissolve completely before spraying(square nursery pots), otherwise the dissolution is not complete, and the concentration will be high and sometimes it will burn. Should pay attention to the method of spraying foliar fertilizer, time to spray foliar fertilizer should pay attention to the front and back of the blade should be sprayed, spray evenly(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), because the stomata of the blade is distributed on both sides of the blade, and some crops on the back The number of stomata is more than the front, and it absorbs better.

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