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Small 4 Inch Plastic Succulent Pots Bulk Buy

Lettuce is more delicate, it is more refreshing to eat(small nursery pots), and the lettuce leaves contain a variety of nutrients, which helps to accelerate the blood circulation of the human body. At the same time, it has diuretic, analgesic and hypnotic effects in medicine. The growth rate is very fast and there is a large demand in the market(plastic seedling pots). Italian lettuce is resistant to convulsions and has a strong cold tolerance, so it is suitable for winter planting.

(small 4 inch plastic succulent pots bulk buy)How to improve the winter planting yield of Italian lettuce is the focus of modern agricultural personnel(1 gallon plastic pots). The author summarizes the key points of high-density greenhouse cultivation techniques for Italian lettuce in winter. In the process of planting, high-density seedlings are adopted, and scattered plants are used for cultivation(large nursery pots). The winter seedling period is usually around 20-25d, and the rare planting is about 25-30d.

The soil is bundled and listed(round plastic plant pots). Before planting, it is necessary to take appropriate treatment measures. Before sowing, the seeds should be soaked for 5-6 hours with cold water. Be sure to strictly control the water content of the substrate. The degree of holding the group. Italian lettuce in winter high-density greenhouse cultivation varieties can choose glass lettuce(large plastic plant pots uk), Dutch cabbage lettuce, American fast-growing, Caesar and mosaic lettuce.

Sen zinc 400 ~ 800 times liquid control(heavy duty nursery pots). And after the mucus is removed, it will be slightly aired. Consumers are welcome. Italian lettuce belongs to a kind of loose-leaf type of excellent lettuce. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to finely plan the land, and planting a single plant at the time of planting. The main diseases of celery are spot blight and spot disease(greenhouse planting pots). And the bed soil must be flat and finely divided. (small 4 inch plastic succulent pots bulk buy)

Alternate use of 75% methyl thiophanate 1000 times solution and 70% carbendazim 600 times solution(3 gallon black plastic nursery pots), or 75% chlorothalonil 600 to 800 times solution and 80% generation. The main pest is aphid, which is controlled by 40% dimethoate 1000 times solution, 0.4% acaricidal 400 times solution, 15% gold good year 1500 times solution(plastic terracotta planters), 48% chlorpyrifos 1000 times solution, and high toxicity and high residual pesticides are not available.

It is best to use two kinds of harvesting methods, one of which is the most common(8 inch nursery pots). When the celery plant is as high as 50 cm or more, the whole plant is shoveled and washed away from the roots. The other is that the celery plant is larger, the root and the old and yellow outer leaves are removed(7 inch plant pot), and the 20 cm long blade part is cut out and placed in a special plastic bag, 1 to 2 per bag, and the small package is listed.(small 4 inch plastic succulent pots bulk buy)

When the sputum is out(5 gallon plastic container), the hole will be overgrown with the roots of the seedlings, and the matrix will be wrapped and it will be easier to pull out. During the day, the temperature of the seedbed should be controlled at around 17-20 °C. At night, it is best to control the temperature at around 12 °C - 14 °C, usually at 30-35 °C. Sometimes the emergence rate is only 70% - 80%(8 inch plant pot), so be sure to find the right time to fill the lack of seed holes.

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