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Small Black Plastic Garden Plant Pots Wholesale

The celery has strong adaptability(plastic nursery pots). It can be washed several times after being discharged from the water. It can be planted in rows and planted in many places. According to the actual production, its high-yield planting techniques are introduced as follows. The celery planting site must meet the requirements of the Environmental Quality Standard for Green Food Producing Areas (NY/T391-2000). Loam with good ventilation(40 cell plug trays supplier), more pores and smooth drainage is most suitable.(small black plastic garden plant pots wholesale)

The nursery bed area is 750m2/hm2. Generally, celery belongs to cold-tolerant vegetables and requires a cold and humid environment(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It can be planted all year round, mainly in autumn. Implement industrialized immunization and seedlings, and recommend seedlings for seedlings. Sprayed on the soil of the seedbed with 40% formaldehyde 100 times before the sowing 21d(20 cell plug trays supplier), the dosage is 40mL/m2, the specific dosage depends on the soil moisture.

Prevent the sun from sunburning the buds, and use the sunshade net to make the seedbed shade(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Then, the selection of pollution-free celery varieties requires high-yield varieties with low temperature tolerance, low light resistance and strong resistance. It is an important vegetable for the annual production and supply in spring, autumn and winter, and the yield is also very high(18 cell plug trays supplier). The seed or the shallow ditch should be mixed with 250g/m2, and the soil should be covered with 1cm of nutrient soil or fine sand.

(small black plastic garden plant pots wholesale)Or use 15% soil fungus 5000 times solution, spray 2L / m2(wholesale nursery pots), covered with plastic film 2d, you can sow. 1 part of decomposed horse manure, 1 part of farm manure such as decomposed pig manure and 1 part of sterilized seedling soil, mixed and sieved for use. Choose a place with high terrain and easy drainage, and make a seedbed(seed planting trays wholesale). The width of the plant is 1.0~1.2m, the length is 6~10m, the height is 10~15cm, and the 10cm thick nutritious soil is reserved for use.

Seeds with full grain(black plastic nursery pots), good purity, high germination rate and strong germination potential are selected. Wash the seeds with water first, then soak them in 48 °C hot water for 30 min, stir constantly and keep the temperature. Then, it is cooled in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes, and then soaked in normal temperature water for 24 hours(72 cell seed trays wholesale). While washing, gently rub it with your hands and open the epidermis until the hand-feeling seeds are scattered.(small black plastic garden plant pots wholesale)

As the seedlings grow, sowing should be carried out 4 hours in the afternoon or on a cloudy day(32 cell plant trays bulk), turning 1 or 2 times a day to increase ventilation and let the seeds see the light. Wash 5-7 times a day with cold water. When 80% of the seeds are germinated, they can be sown. The seedbed can be set in a shaded and ventilated greenhouse, greenhouse or shade, and exposed to the rain(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Before the sowing, the seedbed should be poured with water at the bottom of the seedling.

The seed is soaked 3750~4500g/hm2, and the celery is 750~1200g/hm2(cell trays). The seeding machine or the hand-held seeder can be used to quantitatively seed, sprinkle and cover the substrate, and then germination and emergence at 15-20 °C. After the soil is discharged, the trays are discharged into the greenhouse mobile nursery bed and placed neatly. In order to control weeds, 2 g of herbicidal wettable powder 1 g/m2 was used before emergence(50 cell plant trays bulk), and 100 g of water was evenly sprayed on the seedling bed surface.

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