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Small Black Succulent Plant Pots Bulk Buy

Rice orchids like high temperature, temperature is suitable, the seasons are developing, the seasons are blooming, and the summer has entered the hot summer(98 cell plug trays). Some flower friends will choose to buy Milan. The Milan we bought, if it is very bad, I want to give It changed pots, can it be changed now(5 gallon black plastic nursery pots)? Of course, because it only does not exceed its tolerance limit, let it not develop, just look at the development, look at the flowering, and be able to change it at any time.

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I just gave a basin of Milan to change the basin, and it was washed and replaced(plastic terracotta pots bulk). Now it is very good, and when I go out to spend flowers, I should pay attention to Xiaoqi’s. The potting soil is knotted. The pot is removed from the original potting soil. It is put down to the bottom of the faucet and washed away. Most of it is washed out, revealing most of the roots. It is enough to keep a heart care in the middle(bulk bonsai pots). Can guarantee that Milan does not present yellow leaves in the time of one or two years.(small black succulent plant pots bulk buy)

Mix the good soil, plant it in Milan, water it, add the rooting solution and carbendazim at the time of watering, carbendazim avoids the fungus in the soil, and the root system is decomposed(deep plug trays). The rooting liquid can stimulate the root system. Quickly grow enough capillary roots to absorb nutrients, help it recover quickly, and let its leaves and flowers stop at the same time(square nursery pots wholesale). Now it is also recommended to generally drip the water when drip irrigation, and then start fertilizing after the pipeline is filled with water. 

Every morning, evening, and evening, the leaves of the three light-spots are sprayed with a fine spray, so that the leaves of the tubes absorb the water, so that all the plants are not snoring(32 cell tray). If there is no accident, the time of 7~15 days will be completely restored. Significant development, growing branches, growing flower buds, gradually adding light to it, do not use fertilizer within a month, and then use it to use fertilizer after one month(mini plastic terracotta pots). The depth of the ditch should be in the distribution layer of the root system.(small black succulent plant pots bulk buy)

The rice orchid has just bought it, perhaps it is raised by itself(10 x 20 propagation tray). However, the price is higher, the production cost is increased, and the ratio is unreasonable, especially the phosphorus content is too high. Because of the choice of fertilizer, most farmers mainly use compound fertilizer, and the total fertilization amount is 50% of nitrogen fertilizer and 40% of potash fertilizer(1 gallon tree pots). 100% of the phosphate fertilizer is applied, especially in the later stage, to avoid stems and leaves and affect tuber swelling and quality.

However, let's take a look at the 40-day harvest period. It should be applied around the roots of the roots and should not be close to the cadres(8 inch plastic plant pots). Immediately after the end of fertilization, the water is dripped for 20-30 minutes, and all the residual fertilizer liquid in the pipeline is discharged (it can be monitored by a conductivity meter to completely discharge). And it can not affect its development at all(long life propagation trays), it does not affect its flowering, and it will not present a dead situation.(small black succulent plant pots bulk buy)

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