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Small Plastic Garden Pots Manufacturers In China

If the petiole is touched, if it is dropped immediately, it means it has survived; otherwise, it has not survived(black plastic plant pots). After the interface is completely healed, remove the bandage(72 cell flats). In order to promote the growth of grafted plants, we should often wipe out the sprouts of rootstocks, strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, prevent and control diseases and insect pests in time.

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The shoots have not been fully lignified, so it is advisable to use thin plastic film tape to bind the grafted shoots to avoid damaging the scion and affecting the survival(greenhouse supplies pots). As grafting is the main method of propagation in ginkgo cultivation, it can produce early results and make the plant dwarf, plump and yield(online plastic pots for plants). In spring, the grafting method is usually from mid March to early April by subcutaneous grafting, peeling grafting or cutting grafting.(small plastic garden pots manufacturers in china)

The scions were mostly selected from plants of 20-30 years old with strong growth ability and strong frui(nursery plant pots)t. Generally, 4 short branches on 3-4-year-old branches are selected as scions, and each plant is generally connected with 3-5 branches. Ginkgo biloba is widely planted, and the market supply of Ginkgo biloba seedlings is amazing every year(injection molded nursery containers). At the same time, if the seedbed is found to be too dry, water should be sprayed in time to keep wet. 

Half a month after grafting, the survival was checked(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the method to judge the survival was: the grafting of twigs could also be used for high grafting, the twigs with high degree of lignification should not be too tight, and the subcutaneous grafting could also be used(plastic planters canada). After all cuttings are made, we need to make necessary treatment for cuttings to improve the success rate of cuttings. It is advisable to keep the immersed part at about 5-7 cm. 

(small plastic garden pots manufacturers in china)Generally, the cut cuttings are bundled into a handful, the lower end is leveled, and then put into NAA solution for soaking for a period of time, about 1 hour(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). If the branches are collected as cuttings in autumn and winter, they can be stored in sand after binding to ensure that they can survive the winter smoothly(5 gallon pots bulk). In the spring of next year, they will be taken out for cutting and propagation of Ginkgo biloba seedlings.

If spring planting is carried out in the greenhouse or greenhouse, it can be carried out some time in advance(sureroot plug trays bulk). But after cutting, we should first poke the space, and then put the cuttings into it. If it is mass production, then insert the cuttings in order, and then base the soil(five gallon nursery pots). However, whether it is single cutting or mass propagation, it is generally necessary to keep 1-2 buds on the soil surface, and the soil around the cuttings needs to be compacted.

If necessary, after cutting, spray some water timely to keep moisture, and make the soil and cuttings contact more fully(plastic plant trays wholesale). After cutting, if the temperature changes greatly, plastic film can be used to cover it. However, you can first ditch in the slotting bed, it is recommended to open the film regularly every day to exchange air(rootmaker propagation trays). During the same period, attention should be paid to shade and avoid direct sunlight to reduce water evaporation.(small plastic garden pots manufacturers in china)

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