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Small Plastic Garden Pots Wholesale Suppliers China

The way to increase lighting is to use lights(200 cell seed trays wholesale). A 1400-watt electric lamp produces the same illuminance at 2 meters from a plant as daylight(4x8 grow tray). If the irradiation distance is shortened, the intensity of the light used can be reduced according to the inverse law of the square of the distance from the plant.

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It can also use 100-300 watt white fluorescent lamps(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), which can also achieve certain lighting conditions and meet the growth requirements of plants; when this light source is close to the plant, it will not burn the plant. Generally, light is added from 20 to 2 at night, which can destroy the plant to stimulate the accumulation of flowering substances in the dark period(2 gallon flower pot). If the temperature is too high when shading, it will affect the normal growth of the plant.

(small plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers china)Otherwise, the plant may be burned when it is close to the plant. Plant bio-lamps made in recent years are more suitable for adding light to plants(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Increasing the length of sunlight requires the use of incandescent lamps, which are turned on in the middle of the night to prevent plants from forming flower buds during excessively long dark periods(v11 nursery pots). Incandescent light has a long wave of red light and is most effective in interrupting dark periods.

Fluorescent lamps do not have long-wave red light to prevent flower buds from forming and cannot be used(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Reed curtains, shading gauze or shading. Planting shade trees is also effective. In order to shorten the length of sunlight and block light, materials such as black cloth, black paper, and black plastic film can be used to create a dense and opaque environment(10 inch plastic flower pots). The choice of shading materials and shading time should consider the air temperature at the time.(small plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers china)

The shading time must be connected with the night, that is, before the sunrise or before the sun, so that the flowers will differentiate into flower buds in the long night(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). Only 10-12% of incandescent light is used as light energy, and the rest is thermal energy(v12 nursery pots). For the sake of economy, as a potted fig, due to the restrictions of plant shape and growth environment, it cannot be allowed to grow wildly, and it needs to be trimmed in time during its growth process to improve the ornamental and fruiting rate.

(small plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers china)But many pot friends saw that their potted figs grew more and more lush every day(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), but they wanted to control the growth rate, and eventually did not know how to start pruning. At the same time, figs belong to a shrub-type tree with irregular growth, and it is better to increase the fan shape in terms of pruning(heavy duty growing trays). In response to this situation, today I will introduce the pruning technology of potted figs to everyone, to solve the urgent needs for everyone.

The quality is better, and in cold areas, summer shears are also very necessary(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It is necessary to cut off the newly germinated branches and retain 5-6 leaves. This will not only improve the light transmission, but also reduce unnecessary fruit setting. The purpose of pruning the shoot tips is to promote the sprouting of the axillary buds over the winter(custom grow trays). To remove the fruits from the main branches, more nutrients can be stored, so that the remaining fruits grow larger and higher quality.

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