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Touching incense is a peculiar green plant, famous for being scented with a pleasant fragrance after being touched(cell trays). It is generally used as a home pot to decorate the environment or as a bonsai. Moreover, the touch of incense is very easy to pot, and the cultivation and maintenance management methods are very simple(square nursery pots). Many potted plants can breed young plants by sowing, cutting, and ramets, and the most common breeding method for bumping incense is cutting.

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(small plastic growers pots wholesale suppliers california)Below, Xiaobian will share with you the cutting propagation method of bumping incense(propagation tray). A vigorously growing branch is cut from the bumping mother plant and inserted into the clear water. After a few days, the white roots of the base are found, and then the upper pot is transplanted into the culture soil. However, in the process of cutting the branches, it is very important to take the correct method of operation(plastic plant trays wholesale), which will directly affect whether the cutting seedlings can survive smoothly.

Of course, we can also insert the cuttings directly into the cutting matrix(gallon nursery pots). Originally, after cutting the branches from the bumping mother plant, the lower end of the branch for cutting is cut into a bevel with a sharp edge, and then the cuttings are placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry for about a week(plastic grow pots). After the wound at the lower end of the insert shrinks and condenses and dries, we use it for cutting, thus avoiding the infection and decay of the wound.

(small plastic growers pots wholesale suppliers california)After the wound at the lower end of the cutting is healed(plug trays), it is inserted into the moist plain sand or inserted into the perlite mixed matrix. Note that the cutting substrate is sterilized in advance. Using turf cutting, you can ensure that the cutting seedlings can get enough water to complete the germination without watering in a short period of time(greenhouse supplies pots). If dry soil cutting is used, watering should be done after cutting to maintain the necessary humidity, but this also increases the risk of wound infection.

Touching incense is a very strange plant, it is really a touch of fragrance, and the taste is not pungent, very good smell(black plastic plant pots). In this case, we first need to cut off these yellow leaves in time to avoid the consumption of nutrients in vain. After the main rod loses its growth point, it grows and prolongs with the side branches(wholesale greenhouse pots), but if we need to cut off these woody stems, we can make full use of these materials to avoid material waste.

(small plastic growers pots wholesale suppliers california)So, how do you trim the potted bumps? As long as we can provide the inserts with temperature and humidity suitable for growth(gallon plant pot), usually the cuttings will appear rooting in about 3 weeks. We can use these robust stems for cutting and breeding young plants, so that we can get more bumps and potted plants, and eventually produce more bumper potted plants. Moreover, the bumping and fragrant use of cuttings to breed young plants is very easy to survive and grow faster(cheap plastic plant pots bulk).

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