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Small Plastic Hanging Baskets Suppliers Australia

The fig fruit there is sweet and nutritious, which has the reputation of "fruit Queen"(black plastic plant pots). But the potted fig is a beautiful potted plant with elegant branches and leaves and beautiful tree shape, which can not only view the leaves but also appreciate the fruits. The root system of fig is relatively developed, which needs larger container cultivation(plant trays without holes). Generally, large-scale vats are used for cultivation, and a larger space for growth environment is needed.

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Fig is not strict with soil, but if potted, it is better to use fertile and permeable soil(seed starting trays). When planting or changing pots, add some organic fertilizer rich in carbon, phosphorus and potassium, such as rotten cake fertilizer, chicken manure fertilizer, etc. in the pot soil, so that the fig branches and leaves are luxuriant and early fruiting(thermoform pots). The watering amount of potted fig can be determined according to the growth progress of its branches and leaves.(small plastic hanging baskets suppliers australia)

The watering amount should be less, and the potted soil should be kept constant humidity(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). At this time, the watering amount should be increased, and the basin soil should be kept moist. If the watering is not timely, it is easy to have the phenomenon of drooping branches and leaves, dropping fruit and so on(1.5 gallon pot). In autumn, when the fruit is mature, the amount of water should be reduced, too much water will cause the fruit to crack.

With the temperature rising gradually, figs also enter the fruit bearing period(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). In case of rainy days, in addition to the control of watering, attention should be paid to prevent water accumulation in the basin to avoid waterlogging damage. We should pay attention to pruning and reshaping, especially potted Fig. After forming, the tree is plump and the fruit looks like a bunch of sugar gourd, which is very beautiful(2 gallon fabric pots). At this time, it can be watered flexibly according to the indoor temperature. 

(small plastic hanging baskets suppliers australia)The open balcony, terrace, yard, etc. are more suitable for its growth(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). The high trunk will not only affect the beauty, but also cause trouble in maintenance. Therefore, potted fig must limit the trunk to a certain height, not allow it to grow. The specific method is that when the trunk of the seedlings grows to about 20 cm, the tip should be cut off to promote its germination and branching(5 inch plastic pots). According to their own preferences, trim into a certain shape, improve the value of appreciation.

Fig is not cold resistant, indoor maintenance should be placed in sunny, well ventilated balcony living room, etc(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). In winter, the fig enters the dormancy period, and its growth tends to stagnate. If the room temperature is high, you can pour more water(plastic flower pot price). If you place it in a room with a room temperature of about 5 ℃, you should control the water and keep the basin soil dry as much as possible, so that you can spend the winter safely.(small plastic hanging baskets suppliers australia)

Figs originated from the Mediterranean coast of Europe and Central Asia(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). They were introduced to China in the Western Han Dynasty. There is a long history of planting figs in Tarim Basin of Xinjiang. The potted figs for outdoor conservation should enter the house in time before and after the frost in late autumn(rapid rooter tray). Red dwarf (also known as Chinese purple fruit), this variety has a smaller crown, a more terminal distance between branches and nodes, and more branches.

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