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Many Lanyou bought orchids or picked roots when they went downhill(200 cell plug trays supplier). Many of them are full and strong. They must be less than two roots, with roots, rotten roots, black roots and empty roots. How to deal with them? The management of the year only accounts for seven points, while the day of planting orchids accounts for three points. It can be seen that the importance of planting orchids in orchid cultivation is obvious. It can be said that the first key to the success of Yanglan is to plant Lan(wholesale nursery pots). Cut off the roots and rotten roots with sterile scissors.

(small plastic hanging baskets wholesale)Then try to retain the broken roots and keep the core (the center column) without the outer skin(162 cell plug trays supplier). If there are more than four good roots, you can cut off other bad roots. If the grass is growing too much, consider removing some of the extra roots. The decaying leaf beetles are often the parasite of the worms, carefully trimmed to make the leaves bunch clean and tidy(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The dried bulbs should also be removed together. Be careful not to damage the leaf buds, flower buds and buds.

Thoroughly cut off diseased leaves and dried leaves(128 cell plant trays bulk). For the lesions of the heart, you can use a toothpick to remove the lesions, or use a cigarette to burn the lesions. The diseased lobes with few leaves can be temporarily cut off, and can be applied to treat diseases, leaving them to maintain transpiration and maintain growth. After the new buds grow, they are cut off. Before pruning: Sterilize the scissors(plug trays wholesale). Separate the healthy bluegrass from the diseased bluegrass. When pruning: Trim the healthy bluegrass separately from the sick grass with different scissors.

(small plastic hanging baskets wholesale)Should be cut off: empty root / rotten root / broken withered / dry roots (corrected roots cut). No need to cut off(105 cell plant trays bulk): fresh root / black solid root / broken fresh root (if the root is too long, it can be cut short). I believe that some orchid friends can receive fresh orchid roots shorter when the orchid roots are too long and the flower pots are not high enough(black plastic nursery pots). However, it is necessary to have a blue friend to use the American system to promote the root cause damage to the root, which should be used with caution. If you use it, pay special attention to the concentration.

However, the residual roots of the less rooted orchids need to be treated differently(72 cell plant trays bulk): as to when the root water is poured depends on whether the roots are intact or not, the weather conditions and the wetness of the plants. Note: When trimming the roots, also trim the old leaves that have withered and the leaves. No matter what, bare root seedlings should soak the roots with water as soon as possible(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is recommended that there are many varieties cultivated artificially. If watering is less in winter, the ball orchids are usually used for cutting or ramets.

(small plastic hanging baskets wholesale)Winter has a very important influence on the growth of orchids in the coming year(50 cell plug trays supplier). Orchid frost is often a problem in watering. The above situation is due to the fact that orchids are placed on the balcony or the family does not have heating. In the cold winter weather, orchid watering is extremely important(plastic nursery pots). The best way is to have a cold winter morning, and when the sun comes out, the temperature rises slowly, and when it reaches noon, the temperature reaches the highest point of the day.

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