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Small Plastic Nursery Plant Pots Wholesale Supplier

It is necessary to use mature seeds that have not suffered from pests and diseases to grow seedlings so that they will grow better in the later stages(propagation tray). Put the seeds in water, stir and remove the impurities inside. Remove the seeds and put them in alkaline soaking, wash off some of the grease attached to them, and add a little ash(plastic grow pots). Then cover it with a straw mat, spray it every day and turn it at the right time, and wait until the seeds are cracked.(small plastic nursery plant pots wholesale supplier)

In areas where there is sufficient light and the drainage system is perfect, the clods should not be too large and the soil should be as thin as possible(plug trays). In addition, you must add some organic fertilizer, urea, etc. inside. It is also possible to use the method of spreading, after the seeds are planted in the soil, the soil is covered, and if necessary, the wheat straw is covered to keep warm. The seeds sprouted in about a week(greenhouse supplies pots). At this time, only the topsoil is left. After a while, the seedlings grow.

The seed and wet sand are mixed according to the disadvantage of 1:2(gallon plant pot). The size of the flower pot should be determined according to the Yingshan red stump. The bottom of the basin should have a water outlet, and the outlet should be the lowest point of the bottom of the basin. The bottom of the pot is best to have a basin foot, which will be better breathable. Before choosing cultivated soil, you should understand that it is like acid soil, so you must not use alkaline soil(flat plastic tray). You can go directly to buy, not only simple but also very safe, there will be no bacteria inside.

(small plastic nursery plant pots wholesale supplier)Apply some wound coating to the wound. Keep about half of the leaves and the rest will be cut off(cell trays). The root system also needs to be trimmed, and some moldy and broken roots should be cut off. After the potting soil is ready, put the stumps in a position that you think is beautiful. After adjusting, fill the soil, don't fill it all at once, and slowly carry it out and press the soil(wholesale greenhouse pots). Finally, you need to pour water once, the so-called fixed root water.

Control methods: In recent years, many gray-black or dark brown sclerotia have been produced, and the lesions are small and brown(gallon nursery pots). The culture of tulips can really bring people a pleasing feeling, but they should always pay attention to pest control and, in serious cases, infestation. The bulbs make the bulbs turn yellow and dry, causing the whole plant to die(seed starter trays). The lesions on the leaves and flower buds of the uninfected bulbs will also expand, causing the leaves and flower buds to rot and wither.(small plastic nursery plant pots wholesale supplier)

In a humid environment, a large number of conidia can be produced on the lesion and spread by the wind, spreading rapidly(black plastic plant pots). In the summer dormancy period and severe winter, the pathogens adhere to the bulbs on the bulbs with dark brown small sclerotia. In order to prevent the onset, the bulb can be soaked with 50% carbendazim 1000 times before planting, and removed after 30 minutes(square nursery pots). Light and ventilation should be strengthened during the curing process to maintain low air humidity, less watering, and less nitrogen fertilizer.

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