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Small Plastic Plant Containers Suppliers Netherlands

In the whole orchard planning, the cultivated area of fruit trees should account for 80 ~ 85% of the total area, protective forests account for 5 ~ 10%, roads 4%, nurseries and buildings 3%(plastic grow pots). From the point of view of natural conditions, it should be adapted to local conditions and planted in appropriate places, and late maturity, storable tree species and varieties can be developed in places with long growth periods(200 cell trays bulk).

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Fruit orchards far from towns should be developed for storage and transportation of fruit trees, such as pears, apples, etc(flat plastic tray).; in areas with inconvenient transportation in mountain areas, a variety of hawthorns, etc., can be used for economic use of mountains and convenient transportation and storage(112 cell trays bulk). The selection of fruit tree species and varieties should be based on natural conditions, market demand and other basic conditions.(small plastic plant containers suppliers netherlands)

Suburban orchards can develop more fruit trees that are not resistant to storage and transportation, such as grapes, plums, apricots, strawberries(propagation tray). From the perspective of market demand, the annual supply of the market should be considered, early, middle and late maturity, and variety of tree species(50 cell seed starter trays). In general, pome fruits can be arranged in areas with good fertilizer and water conditions, while apricots can be arranged in gravel and drier areas.

(small plastic plant containers suppliers netherlands)From the basic conditions, poor conditions can develop some tree species with strong resistance and extensive cultivation resistance, such as plum and apricot(plug trays). The principle of type and variety configuration is to adapt to local conditions(seed starter trays). In the mountainous region, in order to extend the supply period, the same kind of fruit trees can be planted at different heights, so that the maturity comes first, and early ripening apples and pears.

It is more suitable to plant apricots in the soil where the gravel layer is not deep(gallon nursery pots). In an orchard, the soil layer on the upper part of the slope is thin, and barren-tolerant tree species such as apricot and hawthorn can be planted. Pears, apples and plums can be planted in the deep slopes(black plastic plant pots). Those with strong cold resistance can be planted on the downhill of the mountain, and those with weak cold resistance can be planted on the middle and uphill.

The shape of the cell is preferably rectangular, and the ratio of length to width is 2: 1 ~ 5: 1 to facilitate mechanical operation(gallon plant pot). It blooms at the same time as the main plant variety and produces a lot of high-quality pollen. No cross infertility with the main varieties and can produce fruits with high economic value(288 cell trays bulk). It is better to be able to pollinate each other with the main varieties and the fruit mature period is the same, or successively.

The central method is often used to plant fruit trees in a small orchard as squares, that is, 8 main varieties are planted around a pollinated variety(cell trays). Waterlogged areas are prone to stagnant water, and the equivalent type can be adopted when the pollinated varieties have the same economic value as the main varieties, and can be planted according to 2: 2 (that is, 2 rows of main varieties and 2 rows of pollinated varieties) or 4: 4(nursery plant pots).

The medium bar method has long been used in China for breeding, such as litchi, longan, and citrus(square nursery pots). At the same time as the main planted varieties enter the fruiting period, the flowering period is the same, the life span is equivalent, and it can bloom every year(20 cell trays bulk). In areas prone to high winds, it is not suitable for planting nuts. In saline soil, grapes and pears can be grown, traffic conditions, and green manure base 3%.(small plastic plant containers suppliers netherlands)

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