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Small Plastic Plant Containers Wholesale Supplier

In the natural growth period, the growth of the bamboo is relatively rapid and the space is insufficient, which will affect its free extension and hinder the original beautiful leaf shape(105 cell plant trays bulk). The biggest ornamental point is the shape of the leaves. On the whole, the plant type is very elegant(5 inch plastic plant pots). As a potted plant, it is also natural and generous.

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Therefore, the arrangement of soil should be carried out according to the above requirements for soil environment(200 cell plant trays bulk). Generally, the effect of sapropel or peat soil is the best. Of course, it can also be mixed with some garden soil, river sand and other matrixes(5 inch nursery pots). In order to increase the nutrients in the pot soil and ensure that the plants have enough nutrients to promote growth, we can also add a proper amount of bone meal and dry cow dung as the base fertilizer.

(small plastic plant containers wholesale supplier)Of course, in addition to adding the right amount of base fertilizer, we also need to supplement nutrients in time(128 cell plant trays bulk). The requirement of bamboo on basin soil is not very strict, so it is widely used in the selection of substrate. In addition to the above soil mixing methods, we can also use saprophytic soil, peat soil, vegetable soil, fine sand soil(hydroponic tray price), soft pond mud, black mountain mud and other media to mix and use, which can also obtain good planting effect.

In addition to the above several soil blending schemes(32 cell plant trays bulk), I will share two soil blending schemes for you: one is to use two parts of rotten loess + two parts of honeycomb ash + one part of fermented chicken manure, and to prepare pot soil according to this proportion, which is also a good soil blending strategy for balanopsis(plastic hanging baskets suppliers). The other is to mix 2 rotten leaf soil + 1 Garden Soil + 1 coarse sand as basin soil, and the effect is also good.

So what kind of flowers is the closed balcony suitable for(162 cell plug trays supplier)? Generally speaking, the pressure of flower cultivation on the closed balcony is not great, but for some plants that love insects and diseases, it is necessary to be careful. Other flowers and plants can be planted(1 gallon grow bags). Although there may be a gap in the amount of flowers compared with the open balcony, there is always a gap It does not affect the experience of flower cultivation.(small plastic plant containers wholesale supplier)

If the bamboo needs to be conserved after the basin and soil are replaced successfully(50 cell plant trays bulk), it can be transferred to normal conservation management after the plant recovers normal growth. However, according to my many years of maintenance and management experience, it is not recommended to change the whole plant(black plastic planters). If the whole plant is replaced, it is difficult for the plant to return to normal growth in a short period of time even if the basin is replaced.

(small plastic plant containers wholesale supplier)It likes to grow in the warm and humid environment, but it needs to avoid the sun exposure, and has a strong ability of shade resistance, while the pot soil is suitable for rotten leaf soil(200 cell plug trays supplier). After many years of growth, the bamboo has grown full of flowerpots. Although it is not a challenge for flower lovers to plant flowers on the closed balcony, it is necessary to select flowers and plants(rooting tray). Can receive some scattered light, the growth state will be better.

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