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Small Plastic Plant Pots For Sale Brisbane

Crab claw orchids are beautifully flowered, and the stems are strong and domineering, so they have a very high ornamental value(wholesale nursery pots). Common breeding methods include seeding, cutting, and grafting. In contrast, the grafting method is the most commonly used, and the planting effect is also the best, so the application is very extensive. Moreover, the crab claws that are grafted and propagated grow faster(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), so the growth is very strong and the ornamental value is higher. So, how does the crab claws graft into life?

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(small plastic plant pots for sale brisbane)If you want to graft the crab claws(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the survival rate is higher and the growth is more rapid. In addition to the correct timing of grafting, the environment should be appropriate, and the method of grafting should be scientific and reasonable. Although the grafting behavior of Crab-claw can be carried out all year round, as long as the temperature is suitable and the humidity is suitable, it is expected to survive(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Because the spring and autumn seasons, whether it is temperature or humidity environment, are very suitable for grafting, so the success rate will be much higher.

However, in order to allow the process of crab claw orchid to be successfully implemented(plug trays wholesale), it can also survive quickly, and the grafting method must be scientific and reasonable, otherwise it is futile. Below, Xiaobian will share with you the correct grafting method of the crab claw orchid. I hope to help everyone, and I hope that I can play a role in making a difference(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the process of grafting, we choose to grow thick and healthy plants of the same family as rootstocks.(small plastic plant pots for sale brisbane)

Since the crab claw orchid is a succulent plant of the genus Cactus(black plastic nursery pots), we need to choose the cactus of the same family as the rootstock, so that the grafting activity can be more successful. The height of the rootstock plant is about 30 cm, and then the upper part to the top 10 cm is cut off. Note that the cutting process should be carried out with the help of the sharp edge, and the tool should be disinfected in advance(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Original and then keep the state perpendicular to the branches, cleanly cut off the top.

(small plastic plant pots for sale brisbane)Next, the tool is still used to cut a wedge-shaped marshing interface in the middle of the smooth nip(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and then the pre-made crab claws are inserted into it, and the grafting portion is wound with a plastic film for several times. In doing so, on the one hand, the cuttings can be more fully contacted with the rootstock, and on the other hand, the excessive evaporation of water in the plant body can be prevented, and the moisturizing effect can be prevented(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Next, place the grafted potted plants in a cool, ventilated place to maintain the moisturizing work.

Not only the humidity in the potting soil should be suitable, but also the relative humidity of the air should be reasonable(plastic nursery pots). If the air humidity is too low, it can be humidified by spraying or spraying water. Grafted seedlings have been proven to survive by the fact that the scion still maintains a corresponding hardness and fresh green state from the start of grafting to 2-3 weeks. What needs to be done in the future is to wait for the grafting of the grafted seedlings(12 cell propagation trays wholesale), but at the same time we must do the corresponding maintenance management work.

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