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Small Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Price Philippines

Use loose and fertile fertile soil, pour the water before planting, and pay attention to uniform when spreading seeds on the soil layer(plug trays). Since the seeds of mint are small, there is no need to cover the soil. The humidity of the soil should be kept appropriate, and the seeds can be sprayed with a small watering can. Seeding is carried out in an environment of about 20 ° C, taking care not to exceed 25 ° C(18 cell seed starting trays). If the temperature is lower than 20 ° C, it can be covered with plastic wrap to warm and moisturize.

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(small plastic plant pots wholesale price philippines)In the summer, when the temperature is high, the seeds should be placed in the shade to cool down. Because the high temperature is easy to make the seeds lack water(20 cell seed starting trays), in the absence of rooting, only the artificial hydration can be used to ensure normal development. If covered with plastic wrap, the seeds should be removed in time after germination and moved to a place where proper illumination is available. Colonization is carried out until the seeds grow 5-6 leaves. Generally, a small seedling should be planted at each hole(plastic nursery pots). First, the seedlings should be righted up, the roots should be straightened out, then the soil should be filled and compacted, and the watering should be poured once.

After the seedlings have been slightly grown for a while, apply the appropriate amount of liquid fertilizer(seed starting trays). The soil is selected from loose sandy soil with good fertility and good drainage. Moisture is constantly regulated during plant growth. More water is needed in the early and middle stages of growth; less water is needed in the flowering stage. Peppermint needs to receive adequate light, and if the light is not enough, the plant will grow up(40 cell seed starting trays). Fertilization can use ternary or multi-component compound fertilizers, especially the application of potassium fertilizer can improve the problem of plant slimness.

(small plastic plant pots wholesale price philippines)Mint can be planted once in a suitable environment for 2-3 years of continuous harvesting(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Usually when the main stem grows to a height of about 20 cm, the tender stems and leaves can be picked for consumption. In the south, peppermint can be harvested all year round. From April to August, due to the temperate climate, the yield is the highest and the quality is the best. The interval between harvesting is 15-20 days. In the north, effective cultivation and protection measures are taken only in winter(gallon plant pot). It is possible to meet the requirements for picking in winter.

Flowers, like other plants, require large amounts of nitrogen(seed starter trays), phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers during their growth. At present, urban flower lovers often worry about the cultivation of fertilizer. Some people suffer from the application of some fertilizers to the flowers without the use of fertilizer, and the results have greatly affected the growth of flowers. In fact, the fertilizer for growing flowers is everywhere(104 cell seed starting trays). Many wastes and crumbs in the daily life of the family accumulate them into fertilizers, which are sufficient for the supply of potted flowers.

(small plastic plant pots wholesale price philippines)Nitrogen fertilizer is the main fertilizer to promote the growth of flower roots, stems and leaves(gallon nursery pots). Those inedible beans, peanuts, melon seeds, and hemp seeds, hemp seeds and other oils are good nitrogen fertilizer raw materials. If these things are fermented and fermented, diluted with water and poured into the soil, the flowers will thrive(105 cell seed starter trays). The raw materials of phosphate fertilizer include fishbone, bones, eggshells, fish scales of freshwater fish, cut hair, nails, and the like.

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