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Small Plastic Planter Pots Wholesale Suppliers California

I have selected the vegetable pots, and the rest is the soil(propagation tray). There are special peat soils on the market for sale. I can grow vegetables directly. However, we all plant the peppers in the plastic gardens of the balcony garden. The amount needed is small to buy peat. It is not cost-effective to get high soil freight rates. You can look for the soil nearby. When you fill the round plastic flower pots, don't pretend it is too full(plastic plant trays wholesale). The soil surface should be kept at a distance of about 3 cm from the mouth of the container. This will prevent future The poured cement soil flows out of the plastic flower pot.

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(small plastic planter pots wholesale suppliers california)It is also possible to reserve space for later application of fertilizer(gallon plant pot). In addition, the soil should not be pressed too tightly, which is not conducive to growth. After loading the soil, it is best not to rush the plastic flowerpots to sow the peppers. Instead, the soil in the round plastic flowerpots should be sterilized first, and then sterilized for three days before planting. The green method is to soak the lime seeds in the vegetable pot before sowing. It is recommended that you soak the pepper seeds in water for about 8 hours to facilitate germination(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). At this point, you need a pot tray, which is both clean and convenient.

Then, sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the plastic flower pot soil(seed starting trays), then pour the water into the pot and pour the seeds into the mud. After that, water is not regularly watered every day to keep the soil moist. It takes about five days to germinate and root. The seeds in the plastic pots of the vegetable pots sprout into the long two true leaves. The peppers in the balcony planting pots only Watering, no fertilization(wholesale greenhouse pots). When the pepper in the balcony planting pot begins to draw the third leaf, you can put a compound fertilizer or a special fertilizer for fruits and vegetables in each pepper tree in the vegetable pot.

(small plastic planter pots wholesale suppliers california)When the pepper tree grows six leaves, it can be transplanted(gallon nursery pots). If it is not transplanted, it is necessary to carry out the seedlings, and remove the weak pepper seedlings and excessive seedlings in the round plastic flowerpot balcony vegetable pot. Keep the strongest one in the vegetable pot. Peppers are not resistant to cockroaches and are not too cold-resistant, so just keep the soil slightly moist. When the pepper grows tall, it may not be able to support its own branches and leaves(square nursery pots). At this time, you can insert some sticks in the balcony planting pot to support the peppers, or you can tie them with a rope.

Watering. Gardenia flowers like big water, some people call it "water scorpion"(wholesale nursery pots). For plants that have been grown for several years, it is best to use large pots. Our company has a balcony seed pot E-corner plastic flower pot, which has different model sizes. It is suitable for gardening vegetables in the balcony garden. There are holes in the bottom. It is a breathable plastic flower pot. You can plant some pepper tomatoes and eggplants inside vegetables(greenhouse supplies pots). For example, 22 cm caliber can grow 2-3 peppers.(small plastic planter pots wholesale suppliers california)

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