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Small Round Plastic Garden Pots Wholesale

Hydrangea, as the name suggests, is clustered in the flowering(1 gallon pots manufacturer), as beautiful as hydrangea, it is a very eye-catching and eye-catching ornamental flower plant. Hydrangeas generally bloom during the period of June-August, and as long as we can master the correct conservation management methods, we can make it more flowering. In particular, you need to master some of these tips(plastic nursery pots). 

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(small round plastic garden pots wholesale)Then if the topping is too late, you may miss the flowering period of the year, so that we can have no flowers to enjoy(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If you don't trim them, don't cut them(small round plastic garden pots wholesale). What are the specific skills you need to master? The first is to pick the heart, and the topping also needs to grasp the timing, and it must be done in early June.

Since topping has such a good effect on flowering, how do we pick it up? The topping of hydrangea also requires skill, and the original top bud can never be removed or destroyed(wholesale nursery pots). For the topping of hydrangea, it is usually necessary to start from the base position, and it is better to keep 3-5 leaves and remove the center. This group is a persistent flowering variety(small round plastic garden pots wholesale).

After topping the heart, you can keep applying a special nutrient solution for flowers every 2-3 weeks(2 gallon pots manufacturer). Dilute with 1:500 times and dilute with water. In this way, the growth of hydrangea and the formation and differentiation of flower buds can be promoted well(small round plastic garden pots wholesale). Not only did the old branches bloom last year, but if you want to make the hydrangea grow taller, the branches are too long, and the water is diluted.

Of course, the above practice is usually suitable for the operation of the basin friends in the southern part of China(plastic nursery pots wholesale). If you are a pot friend in the north, you can add the appropriate amount of ferrous sulfate when you are ready to apply the nutrient solution, mix it and then water it to the hydrangea. The hydrangea blossoms on the old branches of last year, so just cut off the flower balls that have been flowered.

Be sure to mix the two evenly, otherwise it may cause rooting due to uneven mixing and may cause death in severe cases(2 gallon plant pots supplier). When dealing with this pest, wilt is a kind of A disease caused by bacteria, which mainly damages the roots of lilac flowers(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the pest control of lilacs needs to be done, the shape of the moth is similar to that of moths, but the volume is relatively small, generally around 13-18mm. 

Followed by topdressing(7 gallon pots manufacturer), in fact, we should understand the truth: Hydrangea does not grow new leaves in the summer or grow new leaves(small round plastic garden pots wholesale). It is an important stage in accumulating nutrients, that is, flower bud differentiation. If you want to grow taller, you only need to The flower ball is cut, and the flowering branches are cut off to half, which can increase the activity of iron(black plastic nursery pots). 

(small round plastic garden pots wholesale)If it goes well, the plants will form flower buds in mid-August(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). Mainly to better promote the germination of plants and the growth of new branches, so overall, proper pruning, can not be cut too bald, not good to see. After the spring germination, the hydrangea of this group formed flower buds on the branches of the year from August to October and flowered in the summer of the second year(plug trays wholesale). 

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