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Small Square 2.5 Inch Plastic Plant Pots

Because of its adaptability, it has been planted in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the south and north(black plastic nursery pots). In the process of long-term cultivation and artificial selection, many excellent varieties and types have been formed, which have long been valued by people(plant start trays wholesale). However, when is the walnut seedling planted? The time of planting the walnut: the planting time is best selected from winter to spring, and it is best that the seedlings are completely defoliated.

The best planting time for seedlings grows from the end of October to the second year of April(wholesale nursery pots). The planting of walnut seedlings in Chongqing is carried out after soil thawing and before germination. The walnut seedlings in the northern region are best planted in spring, because the winter land in the northern region is frozen and the walnut seedlings are not good for winter(32 cell seed starter trays). There is no time limit for transplanting walnut seedlings in the southern region.(small square 2.5 inch plastic plant pots)

The depth of the walnut seedlings is about 1(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Sand storage is the most simple and effective method for storing walnut seedlings. This method is simple in operation, good in preservation effect, and easy to use, and the rate of seedlings is very low. The specific method should be determined according to the number of seedlings(72 cell propagation trays). The general principle is: the soil moisture is close to the lyrics at the time of sowing, that is, it is relatively moist but not too much water, and the tide is not wet.

(small square 2.5 inch plastic plant pots)Walnuts are distributed nationwide, with many areas in Shaanxi, Luo, Shandong and Sichuan(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The thickness of the top layer of seedlings is at least 30 cm. Reserve vents. Prevent rain and snow from entering. Transplanting walnut seedlings in the southern region is the transplanting of walnut seedlings after the leaves of walnut seedlings are naturally shed. The straw curtain prevents water loss(200 cell seed starting trays). Walnut seedlings are appropriately adjusted according to the local climatic conditions. 

The roots are facing the ditch wall(plastic nursery pots), the roots and the lower part of the seedlings are covered with soil and tightly contacted, the upper part is not covered with soil, and the second layer is buried and stacked until the storage ditch is flush with the ground. The root part of the buried soil reaches about 40 cm, and the middle of the ditch is transparent from top to bottom; the straw cover can be covered(72 cell plug trays supplier), and the area with large rain and snow can be covered with a protective layer, but the air circulation must not be isolated.

The circular pit is stored in a wheel shape(cell trays). It can also be opened in a circular pit shape. The diameter is about 3 meters depending on the size of the seedling. The roots are facing the soil wall, and the base is buried. Finally, the circular storage pit is transparent in the middle and the straw curtain can be covered. If the number of seedlings is relatively small, start the ditch of the size, the whole plant can be buried(128 cell plug trays supplier), and the thickness of the uppermost layer is more than 30 cm, and there is no need to leave a vent.(small square 2.5 inch plastic plant pots)

The seedlings are unpacked, and a large number of seedlings can be mechanically ditched(200 cell seed starter trays). 5 meters and the width is about 2 meters. Let's take a look. We know that the main cost of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. If sodium bicarbonate is used to improve the acidic soil, sodium carbonate will eventually form, causing soil alkalization. For our ordinary flower friends, we can't grasp the proportional concentration very well(128 cell seed trays wholesale), so it is not recommended to water the flowers with baking soda.

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