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Small Square Succulent Pots Bulk Buy Online

So how do we fertilize tobacco? The application of heavy fertilizer, early application of topdressing, combined application of base fertilizer and topdressing(black plastic plant pots). Generally, 2/3 of the total fertilization amount is used as the base fertilizer, and 1/3 is used as the top dressing(square nursery pots). In the ridge-growing area, the base fertilizer is used twice, and 2/3 of the ridge is applied to the ridge bottom, and the other 1/3 is applied to the nest at the time of transplanting.

The topdressing is mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer, and the general application of urea is 10-15 kg(propagation tray). The double-layer fertilization method promoted in production is to apply 60%-70% of the amount of base fertilizer to the bottom of the planting line before burrowing, and then ridge the ridge, and then apply the remaining fertilizer to the bottom of the planting hole when transplanting(seed starter trays). The two layers of fertilizer are separated by a soil layer of about 10 cm.

(small square succulent pots bulk buy online)This double-layer fertilization should increase the proportion of base fertilizer(wholesale greenhouse pots). We only use base fertilizer and no top dressing. If the plant exhibits nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium deficiency, it can be directly sprayed with 0.5%-1% urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate aqueous solution, sprayed once after topping, the concentration is 1000 times liquid(162 cell trays bulk), and spray again after 10-15 days. Tobacco is a chlorine-free crop.

Because of the particularity of things, specific issues should be analyzed(plug trays). 20 kg of potassium sulfate, or 40 kg of ternary compound fertilizer without chlorine on the basis of organic fertilizer application. The production of potassium chloride or chlorine-containing compound fertilizer cannot be applied in large quantities to avoid affecting the quality of tobacco leaves(greenhouse supplies pots). This is because the front of the leaf is covered with a layer of bright cuticle, and the fertilizer is not easy to enter. 

In addition, fertilizers such as Yiduo, Yuanshuo, Shida, Lanchuang, and Shishibao must be formulated according to the product instructions(98 cell trays bulk). There is no stratum corneum on the back, and there are many pores in the mouth, and the fertilizer liquid easily penetrates into the absorption(plastic grow pots). However, it is necessary to spray the whole plant when spraying, that is, the parts other than the roots: leaf surface, petiole, leaf pants and bulbs on the soil surface.(small square succulent pots bulk buy online)

The blue strain placed on the ground must be placed sideways and rotated for one week when the fertilizer is sprayed(gallon plant pot), and the fertilizer can be fully surfaced to promote the balanced growth of the orchid. At the time of spraying fertilizer, the orchid leaf surface is sprayed with fertilizer, and it is applied once every 7 to 10 days in the period of sprouting new roots, and it is applied for 2 to 3 times(105 cell trays bulk). The flower buds are applied once every half month before flowering.

(small square succulent pots bulk buy online)Xiaobian gave us the following methods(cell trays). Other growth periods are applied once or twice a month, and more nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are applied during the vegetative growth period, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are applied in the reproductive growth period. When the humidity of the air is high, the fertilizer stays on the leaves for a long time and absorbs the most nutrients(128 cell trays bulk). At this time, the effect of spraying is best. 

The temperature is high and low, depending on the humidity(gallon nursery pots). The temperature is between 18 and 25 °C, and the pores of the blue leaves are fully opened. The temperature is below 15 °C, because the pores of the low-temperature leaves are closed or opened very little, and the fertilizer is not easily absorbed(flat plastic tray). The temperature is above 30 °C, and the leaves are baked due to high temperature, and the fertilizer will cause fat damage.(small square succulent pots bulk buy online)

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