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Soil Block Nursery Growing Trays For Plants

At present, the rapid development of edible bamboo shoots, the application of germinated fertilizer(gallon pot), and the management of water should be done on both sides of the water every day after sowing. The more fertilizer is applied, the higher the yield. At the same time of sowing, radish sprouts are the radish seedlings we often say, mimosa, a very strange plant. It is like a girl with spring(32 cell plug trays supplier). When she sees her sweetheart, she shyly bows her head and gathers her own leaves. The situation is naturally fascinating.

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How to raise mimosa, how does the mimosa breed(cell trays)? In life, the breeding method of mimosa is mainly based on sowing. When does the mimosa be planted? Let's take a look. In the reproduction of flowers, we most commonly use cuttings, ramets, etc., sowing is rarely used(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). However, in the breeding method of mimosa, in order to avoid transplanting roots, only one of them can be used by the majority of flower lovers, that is, sowing and breeding.

(soil block nursery growing trays for plants)When the mimosa is planted, we will look down. How to sow and breed mimosa is what many flower friends want to know(square grow pots). Before that, we must first know when mimosa is sowed. Only when the time is right, mimosa sowing can survive. According to the actual experience of the majority of flower friends(105 cell plug trays supplier), Mimosa can be broadcast in spring and autumn, but it is best to plant it in late March to early April, so that mimosa can be seen in July of that year.

Can not choose, but should choose mature, full, large, full, colorful seeds(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Mimosa seeds have a short germination period. Before planting, they should be mixed in fine sand and kept in a cool place indoors. When mimosa is planted, you can choose a small pot for live broadcast, or you can use a shallow pot to raise seedlings(plastic plant trays wholesale). On the soil, the sown soil is mixed with humus soil, garden soil and fine yellow sand in a ratio of 2:3:5.(soil block nursery growing trays for plants)

The soil is then placed in a basin, flattened and compacted, sprinkled with water using a watering can, and immediately seeded after the water has penetrated(nursery plant pots). The mimosa seeds will be prepared and broadcast live in small pots. In order to increase the survival rate, a plurality of pots are generally prepared, and 1 to 2 seeds are seeded per pot. If seedlings are grown in shallow pots, they are ordered on a distance of 2 cm to 2 cm(50 cell plug trays supplier). After the sowing, everyone will cover the soil 3-5 cm, it is best to cover the mimosa seeds.

(soil block nursery growing trays for plants)Then cover the pot with a plastic film to moisturize and move it to the astigmatism at around 20 °C(large plastic terracotta pots). After seeing it, it will be watered. After about 7-10 days, the mimosa seeds will basically sprout out. After the above sowing, the sowing and breeding of mimosa is basically over, but the most crucial part is also the maintenance management after sowing(72 cell plant trays bulk). After the mimosa emerges, remove the plastic film and let it gradually accept the sunlight.

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