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Square Black Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale USA

Yulu is drought-tolerant and water-resistant(16cm plastic grow pots). If it is used for maintenance, it should be poured once a week when the soil is dry. Therefore, when Yulu appears to dry up the leaves, we may try to turn it over and manage the light and humidity. If it goes well, the plants will soon return to normal growth. Yulu prefers loose and permeable, water-permeable potting environment(wholesale nursery pots). We can use garden soil and humus soil as the basic materials to prepare mixed soil.

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(square black plastic flower pots wholesale usa)But usually, as long as we can do the above three aspects, we also need to mix some granular soil in the mixed matrix(16.5cm plastic grow pots). Although Yulu is a succulent plant, it is sensitive to light, and Yushu grows in a suitable environment. It's fast, and its vitality is so strong that it will soon be leafy, but in order to maintain good plant type and ornamental effect(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), regular pruning is very important. So how do you pruning potted eucalyptus?

In fact, the pruning of Yushu can be carried out according to personal preference and aesthetic effect(19cm plastic grow pots), as long as it does not destroy the plant type and does not affect the normal growth activities of the plant. However, even if it is trimmed, the shape of the part can be appropriately changed, but it needs to be controlled in terms of water and fertilizer(plug trays wholesale). Otherwise, the plant will grow in an indecent state just after trimming, and it needs to be trimmed again.

(square black plastic flower pots wholesale usa)Moreover, in the process of pruning(20cm plastic grow pots), it is necessary to focus on short cuts or cut off long branches. After all, the long branches have very obvious destructive power to the plant type. Let the internal branches be dense and dense, and the layering is obvious, so that it is more ornamental. For the old Yushu tree with long growing time, if the trunk is too thick and the crown is not full and round(black plastic nursery pots), it can be made into a stump bonsai, and then the leaves are trimmed and shaped.

Usually we also need to pay attention to the following two stages of pruning: when the temperature of the eucalyptus in the summer is high, if the temperature reaches 38 °C(23cm plastic grow pots), it will go to sleep; original and when the temperature is lower than 5 °C in winter, it may also go to sleep. status. In the dormant period, the growth of Yushu will slow down. In addition to the timely control or stop of water and fertilizer, it should also focus on pruning(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The branches are usually left in a short cut, leaving a length of 10-25 cm.(square black plastic flower pots wholesale usa)

For the pruning of potted jade trees, it is also necessary to pay attention to the distribution of branches(6.35cm square grow pots), and the branches should be coordinated. In fact, as long as the plant's growth environment is appropriate and the conservation method is scientific, Yushu will bloom sooner or later, but it will be a matter of time. Yushu usually blooms in spring and summer, and its plant type will change after flowering(plastic nursery pots). Therefore, in order to maintain a good plant type, it is necessary to carry out the necessary pruning. After all, Yushu is mainly based on foliage.

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