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Rural dandelions are wild, but they are seasonal(40 cell plug tray wholesale). We can't find them, especially dandelions that are eaten in the spring, but only in spring, but not at other times. What are the skills and benefits and disadvantages of artificial cultivation? For dandelions, you must choose a relatively loose and slightly wet land(plant pot suppliers). The sandy soil is the looser, not sticky land.

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After the urn grows out, this period of time is more suitable for applying our farmhouse fertilizer(2.5inch square nursery pots). Because this time cannot be watered, otherwise it will rot, so we must apply some farmhouse fertilizer to ensure the humidity of the land. We try to find the kind of sunny sloping fields that can use machinery to open the soil(23cm plastic grow pots). Then, we can also irrigate the water to ensure the humidity of the land before we start planting!(square plastic nursery pots manufacturers malaysia)

Seedlings and dandelions do not have much seasonality(3.5inch square nursery pots). They can be sown all year round. Land above 15 degrees can germinate in about a week. So the best sowing period is spring and summer, and the rest are autumn and winter. It can be planted, but the development is relatively slow. It takes almost 20 months to germinate(bulk garden pots). If it is in a greenhouse, it can be inoculated in winter. The sun of the land and sunshine are also very important.

(square plastic nursery pots manufacturers malaysia)Pupae breed many artificially cultivated dandelions(4.5inch square nursery pots). We need to fertilize before planting as a foundation, and in about a week, dandelion will grow out. Dandelion is relatively rough in the development of drought resistance, and some diseases and insect pests are particularly immune(flower pot wholesale supplier). It is infected by diseases and insect pests, so the dandelion planting process has a great advantage compared with the rest of the flowers.

The most important thing in field management is fertilization and irrigation(4.5inch deep square pots). The difficulty is relatively large. If the control is not good, the rotten root of the dandelion will die. At the time of dandelion development, the requirement for water is extremely high. We must water it often. We cannot irrigate a lot at a time(bulk plastic planters). Because this will rot, our frequency is more frequent and the amount is less. This can continue to ensure the humidity of the soil!

If it is planted by humans, so for the fertilizer, we should apply the bottom fertilizer before planting(seedling trays wholesale), and the process of redevelopment is on the side, and it can be done by chasing the fertilizer once more. However, if it is organic fertilizer, it is easy to burn dandelions in the market. We try to choose farm fertilizer(nursery containers for trees). And it is the kind of fertilizer that will affect the taste of dandelion, so fermenting the farm manure is the best choice.(square plastic nursery pots manufacturers malaysia)

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