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Square Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk Saudi Arabia

The flowers with hairy leaves are not easy to evaporate after spraying water on the leaves(square plastic plant pots), but are easy to cause the leaves to rot, so it is not suitable to use the watering pot for watering. If it feels dry or rough and hard, it indicates that the basin soil is dry and needs watering; if it feels wet, it can not be watered temporarily(grass plug trays). When potted flowers are watered too much, the soil is in a state of water saturation for a long time.

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For example, there are thick fluff on the leaf surface of Jatropha speciosa, dandelion(square plastic nursery pots), African violet, Begonia, etc., and the water is not easy to evaporate on it. Many flower plant's leaf bud or flower bud are afraid of water wet, spray water will cause the leaf can't sprout or flower bud rot, such as Cyclamen, gerbera, Clivia and so on(greenhouse trays plastic). If the leaves are covered with dust, it will block the stomata and affect the normal physiological activities of flowers.

(square plastic plant pots in bulk saudi arabia)Often with water spray, can make flowers grow strong, green leaves, bright colors(square nursery pots wholesale). If the color of the potted soil is still white, it can be judged from the following aspects: if the surface of the potted soil is still wet, it can be judged whether it is still needed to water the potted soil(288 plug tray). If you put a few tablets of vitamin C in tap water to eliminate chlorine in water, generally 1 pot of water plus 1 tablet, put half a day to water the flowers.

Fingering method: insert your finger into the basin soil for 2cm(1 gallon pots bulk). It is better to water around 1:00 p.m. from early winter to early spring; it is better to water around noon from early spring to early summer; it is better to water from early summer to early autumn morning or after 5:00 p.m.; it is better to water around noon from early autumn to early winter(200 cell plug trays). Special attention should be paid to avoid watering potted flowers at noon in midsummer.(square plastic plant pots in bulk saudi arabia)

Pinch and twist the pot soil with your fingers(1 gallon pots wholesale). If it is powdery, it means that the basin soil is dry and needs to be watered immediately; if it is in flake or agglomerate form, it can not be watered temporarily. If the flower branches and leaves are wilting and drooping, they should be watered immediately(soil block trays). The air in the soil will be replaced by water, and the external air can not enter the soil, which will cause the soil hypoxia, which will lead to leaf decay.

(square plastic plant pots in bulk saudi arabia)Spraying water has five advantages: first, it can increase air humidity(1/2 gallon nursery pots); second, it can reduce the temperature; third, it can wash away the dust on the branches and leaves; fourth, it can wash away some pests; fifth, it can avoid tender leaves withering and flowers early adjusting(v16 nursery pots). When the soil is anoxic, the respiration of plant roots will be inhibited, the physiological function will be reduced, and the ability of absorbing water and fertilizer will be blocked.

Because the soil in the pot is less and the water storage capacity is less(10 gallon nursery pots), the plant can carry out normal physiological activities only when it needs to replenish water regularly in the growth stage of flowers. If the water supply is insufficient, the basin soil is too dry and the plants are dehydrated, the leaves and petioles of flowers will shrink and droop, and wilt phenomenon will appear(rootmaker trays). As time goes on, flowers will die, and keep the plant robust.

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