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Flowers like moderate temperature(72 cell flats), such as Clivia, guayeju, dupeng, camellia, etc. should not be lower than 5 ℃. To improve the quality of water use, groundwater in many areas of northern China has high salinity and alkali content, and tap water is neutral or weak alkaline. However, the climate and soil conditions in most areas of northern China are almost opposite to those in the south(black plastic flower pots), with less annual rainfall, drier climate and alkaline soil.

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Long term use of this kind of water to irrigate flowers will easily cause soil hardening, salt alkalization, and affect the normal growth and development of flowers in the south(50 cell tray). Therefore, it is better to use soft water without minerals, such as rain water or snow water. In the north, especially in North China and Northeast China, it is hot in summer and the sunshine intensity is high(mini plastic plant pots). Most flowers in South China like warm and afraid of cold.(square plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers canada)

If tap water, river water and well water are used, it is better to insolate in the sun for 2 days, and 0.2% ferrous sulfate is added to the water to improve the quality of water(72 cell plug flats). The room temperature in winter should be treated differently according to the preference of different flowers(plastic plant pots wholesale nz). Therefore, when the South flowers are raised in the north, they should be given different shade after summer according to the ecological habits of each flower. 

(square plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers canada)At this time, if the southern flowers are abandoned and directly exposed to strong light, it is easy to cause the branches and leaves to wither and even burn(herb plug trays). Rhododendron, camellia, gardenia and other abandoned flowers not only have more rainfall, but also have a lot of clouds and fog in the sky, in the north, which greatly reduces the transparency of the air(starter pots), resulting in a natural condition of weak light, and poor growth.

However, although there is more rainfall in summer, there are more sunny days behind(32 cell tray), so the sky is much less cloudy and foggy than in the south, the air transparency is greater, and the light intensity is also large. Therefore, most of the flowers introduced from the South can not adapt to this strong light environment, resulting in withered branches and leaves(nursery plant pots for sale). Therefore, appropriate shading is needed in summer.

In addition, most flowers in the south like humid environment, but the climate in the north is relatively dry, which is easy to cause dry and sharp leaves, buds and flowers falling(v13 nursery pots). Therefore, the growth is restricted. It is necessary to change from small pots to large pots in time, so as to expand the nutrient area of the root group(cheap square plant pots), which is conducive to the continuous and robust growth of seedlings, or distilled water.(square plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers canada)

Therefore, in the maintenance of the whole year, the branches and leaves should be washed with clean water(288 cell tray), and the ground around the flowerpot should be watered in summer to increase the air humidity. Combined with the upper pot, the abandoned woody flower plants should be properly pruned, and the long fibrous roots(20 gallon plant pot), diseased and withered branches, over dense branches and broken branches should be cut off.

(square plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers canada)It is easy to be damaged by the low temperature of O ℃ during the growth period(50 cell plug flats). Therefore, it should be timely moved into the room for curing according to the temperature requirements of various flower wastes after late autumn. There are two different situations in changing pots: with the growth of seedlings(trade gallon pot), the root group has been filled with flowerpots, and there is no room for further expansion in the original basin soil.

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