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With the promotion of commodity seedling substrate, the advantages of plug seedlings have been reflected(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). However, due to the concept of traditional soil-rearing seedlings, how to manage nutrition in the seedling stage of Ward seedlings, many people feel that they should take one-time Fertilizer is added to the matrix, so it is convenient to manage the watering. If you want to really breed good seedlings and strong seedlings, it is not suitable for one-time substrate and fertilizer(wholesale nursery pots). Plug seedlings, the volume of each plug is very limited, and the space for root growth during seedling is also very limited.

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(square succulent planter wholesale suppliers south korea)Then, if you want to not add fertilizer in the seedling stage(128 cell propagation trays wholesale), you should add the total amount of fertilizer in a limited matrix, which brings problems to the safety of the substrate and the later management. For example, adding high nutrients, some seed teams are sensitive to salt and are prone to seedlings. In the case of high temperature weather, the seedlings of the seedlings grow too long(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and it is very prone to appear long seedlings and tall seedlings, and there are long or tall seedlings. It is impossible to cultivate strong seedlings.

So how to carry out reasonable nutrition management to cultivate high-quality seedlings(162 cell propagation trays wholesale)? In fact, it is very simple. Due to the high demand for water management due to substrate seedling seedlings, it is necessary to replenish water frequently. If you want to manage water and fertilizer well, it is in the original water. Add fertilizer to the management, which will both damage the work and get good results. The specific is to choose good quality fertilizer(plug trays wholesale). The first choice of fertilizer is the form of nitrogen, and the fertilizer applied at the seedling stage should be selected from fertilizers with a high proportion of nitrate nitrogen.

(square succulent planter wholesale suppliers south korea)Second, the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in fertilizers should be coordinated(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). Generally, nitrogen cannot be high, or it is a balance of three nutrients, or a fertilizer with a slightly higher phosphorus and potassium content. Nowadays, there are many high-quality fertilizers on the market, such as fertilization, water-soluble fertilizer, and ternary compound fertilizer(black plastic nursery pots). After selecting the fertilizer, you need the hydration facility, plus a fertilizer dissolver. You can use the water and fertilizer management conditions directly. If you don't have one, you need to add one.

Watering at the seedling stage, choose clean water to avoid bringing in disease(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). Generally, the ditch water cannot be used directly. To use the ditch water, it must be filtered and disinfected first. The fertilizer and water conditions are available, which is to cultivate the Ward matrix of high-quality and strong seedlings. How to make fertilizer? Generally, when the first true leaf comes out, it does not need to be supplemented with fertilizer(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It can meet the nutritional needs by the nutrition of the seed itself and the start-up nutrition in the matrix. But after the first true leaf grows out, you need to add fertilizer.

(square succulent planter wholesale suppliers south korea)Generally, the concentration of the fertilizer is 2000 times(288 cell propagation trays wholesale), and as the seedling grows up, it is finally increased to 1000 times. The frequency of fat addition can be adjusted according to the condition of the seedlings, once a day or once every other day. If the seedlings need to be controlled, they can only be watered without fertilizer. The growth of this seedling is very well controlled(plastic nursery pots). Fertilizer management is not difficult, and it is difficult to change the concept. The pre-emergence period is infancy, and the nutrients needed are supplemented with a small amount of meals, which is easy to absorb water and easy to grow healthily.

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