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Succulent Soil Block Propagation Trays Canada

In the seedling stage, the watering is also properly controlled(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Organic eggplant pest control technologies are divided into these categories: agricultural control, biological control, physical control, trapping adults, and other optional inorganic copper preparations. Mix 15-20 kg of fine soil, 1/3 is spread on the bottom of the seed(15cm plastic grow pots), and 2/3 is covered on the seed to prevent the eggplant from falling and blight.

In the result period, the diseased leaves, diseased fruits and the leaves that have lost function are removed in time(plastic nursery pots), and the weeds in the field and around are removed. Timely seedlings, enhanced ventilation, grafting to control the local fine varieties of Verticillium wilt, rootstock with wild eggplant No. 2 or Japanese red cigar(16cm plastic grow pots), when the rootstock 4 to 5 true leaves, scion 3 to 4 true leaves, using the docking method grafting.(succulent soil block propagation trays canada)

The cultivation of the open field should cover the mulch film(wholesale nursery pots), and the cultivation of the small arch shed should cover the straw curtain in time to prevent freezing damage. Remove the diseased body before sowing, and deepen it to reduce bacteria and insect sources. The use of natural enemies to eliminate harmful organisms, such as the release of the larvae in the greenhouse(16.5cm plastic grow pots), has a certain effect on the control of greenhouse whitefly.

The protected land should be dried with soil or grass ash(plastic nursery pots wholesale); the diseased leaves should be removed, the diseased plants removed, and the field treated. At the time of planting, in the stagnation period of Liriomyza sativae, the soil is ploughed or watered to smash, and the fertilizer is timely applied. The greenhouse is to be ventilated and dehumidified(19cm plastic grow pots), and the watering is properly controlled to prevent flooding. In addition, the application of decomposed organic fertilizer.

(succulent soil block propagation trays canada)600-700 grams of Bacillus thuringiensis per acre(14cm plastic grow pots), or 0.65% of anise: 400 times solution, or 2.5% matrine 3000 times solution to control greenhouse whitefly, can also be sprayed with 20% to 30% of tobacco leaf water or with pumpkin leaves Add a small amount of water to smash and then spray 2 parts of the original juice with 3 parts of water(20cm plastic grow pots). Use 0.3% emulsifiable concentrate 1000-1300 times to control whitefly, cotton bollworm, noctuid pests, aphids and so on.

The following biological agents were used to control eggplant pests and diseases(black plastic nursery pots). Entering the fruit setting period, the wettable powder is irrigated with 45 kg of water, and each plant is filled with 250-300 ml. When raising seedlings, use 103 cfu/g Jiangenbao WP 10 g per square meter. Rotation with non-solanyl crops for more than 3 years, or water and drought for 1 year(23cm plastic grow pots), can prevent a variety of diseases, especially verticillium wilt.

The vegetable field is winter ploughed and winter irrigated, and the wintering pest source is pressed under the soil(13cm plastic grow pots), and the weeds around the vegetable field are burned off. Bacterial wilt, blight, virus disease, etc. can be prevented when soaking with a 0.5% aqueous solution of 400 to 500 times before sowing(6.35cm square grow pots). When blight, dryness, root rot, etc. are found in the field, the root can be filled with 400% to 600 times of 0.5% water.(succulent soil block propagation trays canada)

It is necessary to control the temperature of the seedbed(cell trays). The wettable powder is 150-200 kg for fine soil, and 100 g per hole after mixing. When the seedlings are divided, the eggplant wilt can be prevented. The roots and stems of the plants were sprayed with 5% water solution 1500 times to prevent and cure the eggplant blight(8.89cm square grow pots). Spraying with 72% soluble powder 4000 times solution to prevent eggplant soft spot disease and bacterial brown spot disease.

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