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Different from the general transplanting(plastic nursery pots), we need to stop supplying water to the potted bamboo 2-3 days in advance, so that it is not easy to break up the root soil. After the whole basin of bamboo is taken out from the original basin, all the soil at the root can be removed(105 cell plug trays supplier). During this period, attention should be paid to the integrity of the root system to avoid breaking and damaging the root system as much as possible.

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Then wash the root of the bamboo with clear water, clean up the soil and let the root exposed(plug trays). Then carefully observe the combination of roots and stems, you will find that there are many meristematic nodes in the root. Then find the parts that need to be separated and break them off, so as to obtain many new potted seedlings(50 cell plug trays supplier). It should be noted that brute force should not be used to divide plants, otherwise the plants will be broken easily, and the young plants should not be too single as far as possible.

(sugarcane nursery trays wholesale supplier)It is also necessary to prune the roots properly(black plastic nursery pots), mainly cutting off the old and weak residual roots and damaged roots, then disinfecting the roots, and then planting the seedlings separated from the mother plant into other basins. The mother plant can also continue to be planted in the original basin, or can be separately planted in the new basin(72 cell plant trays bulk). After all the bamboo seedlings are potted, water them once and place them in a cool and ventilated place to slow down the seedlings.

To keep the pot soil dry, when the shape of the bamboo plant becomes too large(cell trays), can it be divided into pots? Now it's spring, so, for the existing situation of "burning roots" and yellow leaves caused by excessive fertilization, the new branches can be separated from the mother plant with double, which can be washed or diluted with water, or the pot soil can be replaced to solve the problem(105 cell plant trays bulk). Planting one crop of legumes in four years or so can increase nitrogen content in soil.(sugarcane nursery trays wholesale supplier)

After the separation, 10 kg carrots were cut into pieces, 15 kg water was added to boil for 15 minutes(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), the juice was filtered, 40 times water was added to spray the bed for 300-400 square meters, and the mushroom yield was increased by 10% - 15%(128 cell plant trays bulk). Wash the mushroom feet and minced mushrooms after harvesting and processing, cut them into thin slices, add 1.5kg water per kilogram, boil for 15min, take the filtrate and add water to dilute to 10kg. Spray mushroom bed for 30 square meters.

(sugarcane nursery trays wholesale supplier)However, it is not necessary to pay attention to separate basins(wholesale nursery pots). Take fresh cow dung urine, boil it to foam disappear, spray every 2 days to 3 days to spray wet bed surface. Use 0.1% ~ 0.2% urea solution, spray once every 2-3 days, it is better to spray wet bed surface. It can also be used to add 0.5kg superphosphate and 15kg water to dissolve the filtrate, and then add 50g ammonium bicarbonate to spray on the bed surface(162 cell plug trays supplier), which can make the mushroom body fat and increase the yield by 15% - 200%.

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