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Teku V16 Nursery Pots Manufacturers Israel

We planted peach fruit trees in the two time periods before the buds of the peach trees fell in the fall and before the buds sprout in the spring(plastic grow pots). Before planting, we need to put some weeds in the excavated cave, then apply a certain amount of manure and phosphorus fertilizer, and then stop mixing the fertilizer with the soil(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). If you want to increase the yield of fruit trees, then planting skills are very important. 

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Only if the fruit trees are healthy and strong, then it can have more results. We must make the three main branches adhere to different angles, and then stop thinning in winter(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). After bagging, the bagging technique should be used. Spray the disinfectant before bagging, and remove the bag one week before picking(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Stop truncated and overgrown branches. The water content is low and the soil is dry.(teku v16 nursery pots manufacturers israel)

We need to cut those broken root systems and dense root systems first, and then fill the soil with fruit trees(flat plastic tray), so that the soil can fully enter the root system, which is more conducive to the survival of young fruit trees. It is important to note that we should not plant too deep or too shallow when we plant(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If it is planted too deeply, it will cause the seedlings to stop breathing; if it is too shallow, it will easily cause seedling death.

For the fruit tree that has just developed in the first year, we have to choose a third sprout as the organization(wholesale nursery pots). These three sprouts are then cultivated into three main branches, and after it slowly develops, we usually shorten the length of this extension branch to promote its extension and expand the crown(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the next year, the adult tree thins out the fruit first, we will stop the proper distribution of the angles of these main branches.

(teku v16 nursery pots manufacturers israel)Juicy peaches can bear fruit without pollination, but pollination of different flowers can improve fruit quality and yield(large plastic terracotta pots). Therefore, we need to configure the pollination of the fruit tree may be to artificially help to increase the probability of pollination and improve the quality of the fruit(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). This is important to ensure the quality of the fruit, and there are enough nutrients to flow into the good fruit, and then thins the fruit first.

Before planting, we aim at cultivating the young fruit trees to cultivate main branches and fruiting female branches as important pruning purposes(wholesale greenhouse pots). The long fruiting branch leaves 2-3 fruits, and the short branch leaves 1 fruit. At the time of fruit combing, the young fruit tree thins out the fruit first(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In order to improve the fruit quality, bagging technology can be used. After Xiehua, we must stop sparse fruit.(teku v16 nursery pots manufacturers israel)

For each fruit tree, 40 grams of chelated iron + 50 grams of blue health (trace elements) are used, and 20-30 kilograms of water are irrigated at the drip at the edge of the crown(200 cell seed trays wholesale). The peach fruit tree cultivation method is the basis for achieving high yield(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Reduce pests and diseases, and then help color the fruit. For mature fruit trees, we need to stop the proper distribution of its fruiting and developing branches.

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