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How to maintain the black bone tea bonsai? In fact, the maintenance method of the black bone tea bonsai is relatively simple(3 gallon pots distributor), because black bone tea is the slowest growing tree species, so it can be simply maintained during curing. Black Bone Tea Bonsai is a cultural bonsai with smaller leaves and thicker branches, and the wood is very hard. Because black bone tea grows slowly, it is mainly based on foliage(seed starter trays). Generally speaking, it is best to carry out the selection and grafting before the maintenance. When selecting the pile, special attention should be paid to selecting the stumps with the grafts, preferably the young branches.

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(thermoformed nursery pots wholesale suppliers united states)Black bone tea does not have much requirements for the soil(5 gallon pots distributor), and the general bonsai garden soil can be. However, it is recommended that the soil inside the black bone tea bonsai is best changed once every five years, which is of great benefit to the growth of the black bone tea bonsai. After the grafting, Black Bone Tea is best applied with fresh water and fertilizer, which enables it to take root quickly(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In the growing season, black bone tea has a great demand for fertilizer, especially after the root of black bone tea grows up.

We can increase the fertilizer for it(7 gallon pots distributor), and apply the decomposed farmyard fertilizer for a long time in the pot surface, so that it can dissolve the nutrients slowly when it is drenched, which is more conducive to the stump. absorb. But pay attention to stop fertilizing after the light snow. After the black bone tea survives(plug trays wholesale), it is necessary to move it to a sunny place in time to promote its faster growth, but be aware that if the weather is hot, it is best to place it in a place where there is no direct sunlight.(thermoformed nursery pots wholesale suppliers united states)

As a bonsai, pruning is very important for black bone tea(14 gallon pots distributor). When the black bone tea survives, it needs to be fixed according to its shape. If you want it to develop on the four sides, you need to use the wire to bend the newly grown buds. Black bone tea is a plant bonsai of the evergreen type, and a new shoot can be germinated every quarter(black plastic nursery pots). Therefore, all seasons can be cut, and each trimming can be carried out after the new shoots are cooked.

But remind everyone that it is best to use the spring and autumn seasons(15 gallon pots distributor). Black bone tea is not easy to lose branches, and it can be pruned alone. The price of black bone tea bonsai is mainly reflected in its shape, so the price difference is still very large. The more unique the shape, the more expensive the price, the general market price is about 20~200 yuan according to the difference of the shape(plastic nursery pots wholesale). For the black bone tea bonsai, curing is relatively simple, just fertilize it properly and trim it regularly.(thermoformed nursery pots wholesale suppliers united states)

The market price of black bone tea bonsai is not expensive(gallon planters supplier). If you know how to trim, you can buy a pot of cheaper ones. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure and heart disease can easily feel dizzy, depressed, and even worse. Therefore, it is not advisable to plant night scented flowers in the rooms of patients with hypertension and heart disease. Night scent is often multiplied by cuttings, growing rapidly, and changing pots every year(plastic nursery pots). It should be carried out before the beginning of the spring in early spring, and requires good ventilation.

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