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The main management problems are: at the seedling stage, watering is more and more frequent, which is not conducive to storing seedlings, and the stress resistance of seedlings is poor(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon); After planting, squatting seedlings without water control have shallow and underdeveloped roots(teku plastic nursery pots). The relative humidity in the vegetable production facilities in the shed should be controlled at 80%~85%.

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Before winter, mistakenly believing that watering is cold and blindly controlling water leads to the freezing death and reduction of yield of eggplant, cucumber and other wet vegetables due to lack of water(4.5 inch pot). The reflective curtain hung in the facility shall be removed in time in April, and the shading treatment shall be carried out in time in combination with the change of weather(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon).

Air moisture environment mainly refers to air humidity(nursery trays for plants), which can be expressed by water vapor content in the air (i.e. absolute humidity), usually expressed by relative humidity(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). Without water-saving irrigation, the water management of greenhouse vegetable cultivation is not only laborious, but also the effect is not good(7 gallon flower pot). Vegetables have different requirements for water in each period of growth and development.

After the nutrient organs store a large amount of nutrients and the product organs begin to grow vigorously, the water required by vegetables gradually increases(plastic flower pot price). However, in the early stage of forming soft and juicy leaves, leaf balls, fat roots or fat stems, the water should not be too much, and should be properly controlled to avoid excessive growth of stems and leaves and affect the normal formation of products(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon).

The water environment in the facility under the condition of greenhouse vegetable cultivation, including air moisture and soil moisture(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). They should supply sufficient water, which is the key to high yield and high quality(10x20 plant trays). The requirement of water in flowering period is relatively strict. Exceeding the saturation point of CO2 concentration is easy to cause waste of CO2 and is not conducive to the growth and development of plants(7 inch plastic plant pots). 

In case of water shortage, the flowers can not develop normally and fall off(injection molded pots); When there is too much water, the stems and leaves will grow in vain, resulting in falling flowers. It is suggested that different vegetable crops should have a suitable range of air humidity and soil moisture(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). The water holding capacity of the soil should be controlled at about 65%, and the air permeability of the root system should reach about 20%. 

Therefore, the water content of fruits and vegetables should be properly controlled in the early flowering stage(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). After entering the full fruit period, the water demand is the largest, and there can be no water shortage(heavy duty plastic planters). When the stored vegetable products are about to be harvested or the vegetables with seed products are about to mature, the water should be reduced to improve the storage capacity and seed maturity(5 inch plastic flower pots).

Too high or insufficient will affect the physiological and metabolic process of plants, resulting in the decline of yield and quality(2x4 grow tray). See table 1-7 for the requirements of common vegetables on air relative humidity in facilities, which can be managed by reference(rapid rooter tray). Greenhouse vegetables are produced efficiently under the conditions of facilities(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). Due to high planting density and vigorous growth, it consumes more water than open field.

Generally(plastic pots that look like terracotta), when raising seedlings in protected areas, the method of "squatting seedlings and raising roots" should be adopted to promote "strong roots and strong seedlings"(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). However, the large amount of irrigation water and the long-term lack of oxygen in the soil may cause crop roots and cause excessive air humidity in the facility(10 inch plastic flower pots). After the product organs enter the vigorous growth, they need the most water.

The water content of many vegetables is more than 90%(polypropylene plant pots). The technical requirements for greenhouse vegetable production and water management, especially soil water management, are high. Lack of water may cause slow growth and poor quality of vegetables(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). The water demand for seed germination is large(nursery supplies plastic pots). Generally, when seeds germinate, they need to absorb water equivalent to 50% ~ 150% of the seed mass.

Especially after the temperature drops at night(custom grow trays), the relative humidity in the facility can reach 100%, causing plants to be susceptible to many diseases and insect pests (Several common diseases and pests caused by excessive relative humidity in the facility (refer to the table), or the plants are lengthy and difficult to control(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). A balanced supply of water generally guarantees the yield and quality of vegetables(custom plant pot).

I don’t understand the moisture requirements of vegetables, and blindly manage moisture or manage based on experience, which leads to poor growth or serious diseases of the vegetables in the shed(2 gallon pots for plants). In the seedling stage, the leaf area of vegetable plants is small, the transpiration is small, and the water demand is small, but the root system of the seedlings is weak and the water absorption capacity is poor(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). 

The CO2 gas environment in the facility is affected by the CO2 concentration in the outside atmosphere(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). Greenhouse vegetable production adopts water-saving irrigation technology, such as anti-blocking seepage head irrigation, drip irrigation and ground cover(3x6 grow tray). Therefore, care should be taken to maintain soil moisture in cultivation, but not too much water to prevent the seedlings from growing excessively.

At present(plastic pots for succulents), most of the soil moisture control of facility cultivation still relies on experience to determine the irrigation time and amount, and seldom conducts scientific and reasonable control based on the water demand during the growth period of the crop and the soil moisture status(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). Since COQ is the raw material for photosynthesis of green plants, its CO2 concentration directly affects the photosynthetic rate. 

This section mainly focuses on the CO2 gas environment in the facility and its regulation and management(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). The absorption of C2 by various crops, including vegetables, has a compensation point and a saturation point(greenhouse nursery pots). Under certain conditions, the assimilation of C2 by the crop is equal to the respiratory release, and the apparent synthesis rate is 0(disposable plastic plant pots). At this time, the CO2 concentration is called the C2 compensation point.

With the increase of CO2 concentration, photosynthesis gradually increases(20 inch plastic plant pots). When it rises to a certain level, the CO2 concentration at which the photosynthetic rate no longer increases is called the CO2 saturation point. Under normal light intensity, the CO2 compensation point of CG plants is generally 30 to 90 microliters/liter, and the CO2 saturation point of CG plants is generally within the range of 1000 to 1500 microliters/liter(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon).

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere varies from season to region, and its content is about 330 to 350 microliters/liter(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers lebanon). The concentration of CO2 in the facility varies with different seasons(plastic growers pots suppliers). Not only can it maintain and improve the physical properties of the soil, it can also effectively control the relative humidity of the air in the shed facilities, save labor and effort, and greatly improve production efficiency(8 inch plastic pots).

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