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Thermoforming Flower Pots Suppliers Southeast Asia

In many areas in the north, the salt content of groundwater is relatively high, and the tap water is neutral or weakly alkaline(32 cell seed starter trays). Some woody flowers, such as bi peach, winter plum, osmanthus, magnolia, etc., can be propagated by grafting. Flowers that are dormant or semi-dormant in summer(72 cell plant tray), such as cyclamen, fuchsia, geranium, and lotus, cannot be fertilized. Drink on the ground to increase air humidity.

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Long-term use of this kind of water for watering flowers will easily cause soil filling and salinization and affect the normal growth and development of southern flowers(50 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, water for watering is best Non-mineral soft water, such as rain or snow water, can also be distilled(128 cell plant trays bulk). Increased rain and higher air humidity are conducive to the growth of most potted flowers, you should also spray around the flowerpot.

(thermoforming flower pots suppliers southeast asia)If water accumulates in the pot due to rain(72 cell propagation trays), the flower pot should be placed down to facilitate drainage, otherwise, the potted flower will be damaged or even die due to root burrow. In addition, most southern flowers like a humid environment, but the northern region has a relatively dry climate, which is likely to cause leaf tipping or bud and flower drop(heavy duty plug trays). After summer, the temperature gradually rises.

Therefore, starting from the second sentence of May(72 cell plant trays bulk), set gauze or bamboo curtains on the sunny windowsill to shade, and place the shade-loving camellia, rhododendron, hydrangea, and ferns under shading conditions for conservation, And often sprinkle water on foliage or windowsills to increase air humidity(162 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, in the year-round maintenance, you should often spray the branches and leaves with clean water.(thermoforming flower pots suppliers southeast asia)

And Clivia, Asparagus, Chlorophytum, Dieffenbachia, etc(200 cell seed starting trays). and in summer, should be placed in a ventilated place indoors and protected from direct sunlight. Most potted flowers can be used in early spring with branches or stems (such as rose, hibiscus, dupeng, riley, fuchsia, Tianzhubu, etc.), roots (such as perennial phlox, peony, etc.), leaves (such as tiger tail orchid(72 cell flats), Ye Qiu Begonia, etc.) for underpinning propagation.

(thermoforming flower pots suppliers southeast asia)When the humidity is high and the temperature is high, attention should be paid to ventilation and cooling, and timely control of pests and diseases(105 cell plant trays bulk). However, some flowers are not tolerant to high temperature and their growth is stagnant, especially the small family balcony area, poor ventilation, high humidity in the rainy season(3.94inch plastic plant pots), Ruixiang, autumn sea beams, can easily cause potted flowers to grow poorly and even die.

Except for jasmine that can bloom continuously in the hot summer, Milan, Sijiqiuhaian, Shicao, etc(32 cell plug trays supplier). can be continuously fertilized, other potted flowers should be fertilized. It is necessary to loosen the potting soil frequently so that the water can be easily poured, and the potting soil has good air permeability, water and fertilizer(nursery tray), coupled with the sultry weather, which is conducive to the growth of flowers.(thermoforming flower pots suppliers southeast asia)

In addition, it is best to spray water on the ground of potted plants every day to help cool down and alleviate the hazards of extreme heat(105 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, family flowers should be managed in summer in terms of shading, ventilation, cooling, to ensure the healthy growth of potted flowers(germination tray price). After many flowers enter the summer, they often grow excessively, which affects flowering and poor viewing. Water and fertilize.

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