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Thermoforming Nursery Trays Wholesale Suppliers Saudi Arabia

Through the introduction test of foreign excellent varieties(flower pot wholesale supplier), it is expected to become the main varieties in horticultural production in China, such as apple varieties of hongfuji and xinjonagon, grape fresh food varieties such as Jufeng, Zana, Braun seedless, hongruibao, Wanhong, etc., and tomato varieties qianglimishou and Froude(plastic seed trays). The high quality and cold resistance breeding of Prunus mume has also made remarkable achievements.

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In recent years, lettuce, luffa and balsam pear in the South have been successfully planted in the north(nursery containers for trees), and the improved varieties of cabbage and cucumber in the north are also widely cultivated in the south. China is the origin of many famous flowers, and after long-term introduction and emulsification culture, it has produced rich new varieties(nursery plant pots wholesale). At present, the development of the domestic seedling market is still in its infancy.(thermoforming nursery trays wholesale suppliers saudi arabia)

Since the founding of the people's Republic of China(plastic planter manufacturers), the number of new varieties of horticultural plants bred by various breeding methods in various parts of the country has been changed 2-4 times, which has fully played the role of varieties in production. Sometimes, the seedling operators need a county or a district to understand the market situation and promote the seedlings(plastic garden pots wholesale), Chinese cabbage, so the efficiency is very poor.

(thermoforming nursery trays wholesale suppliers saudi arabia)The peony resource nursery established in Heze, Shandong Province and Luoyang City in Henan province collects and preserves more than 500 peony and peony resources(2 gallon container). Nanning, Guangxi Province, has set up two golden camellia resource nurseries, with more than 20 species and varieties of Camellia and thousands of hybrid strains(plastic plant pots bulk). They bloomed before and after the national day, with beautiful color, beautiful shape and tall and straight plants.

For example, white vegetables, which account for about 40% of the total market volume of vegetables in China(nursery plant containers), are frequently prevalent for diseases such as virus disease and Staphylococcus mildew, and the output of the epidemic year is reduced by more than 50% The actual situation of even no production in the Ministry(large plastic planters cheap). Fourteen hybrid varieties of early chrysanthemum were bred by Shanghai Institute of Landscape Science (1982).(thermoforming nursery trays wholesale suppliers saudi arabia)

The extension area of protected area is the first among the early maturing hybrid varieties(five pathogens), with an accumulated promotion area of 133300 hm2 and a new economic benefit of 480 million yuan(7 gallon planter), which greatly reduces the pollution caused by pesticides. Since the 1970s, a large number of excellent male sterile lines of cabbage(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), Chinese cabbage and sweet pepper and female lines of cucumber have been cultivated.

(thermoforming nursery trays wholesale suppliers saudi arabia)In recent years, six new fragrant varieties have been bred by interspecific hybridization in Beijing Botanical Garden(7 gallon container). They have the characteristics of blooming, bright color and strong double petal. The practice at home and abroad shows that the construction and development of professional seed company integrating breeding(plastic flower pots wholesale), propagation and marketing is the development trend of realizing the modernization of seed work.

115 resources from single antibody to multi resistance are screened out, and a series of varieties with different ripening stages are bred in the breeding of high-quality canned yellow peach(7 gallon plant pot). According to incomplete statistics, Huang Guozhen of Wuhan Institute of Botany (1985) bred the world's first new Lotus variety youyimudanlian with large yellow double petals by interspecific hybridization between Chinese and American lotus(plastic hanging baskets wholesale).

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